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    What am i doing wrong?

    I've been using a generic "All Natural Cotton" from the supermarket in my Russian for a little while now and it's been a great vape never leaking, never burnt. But as we all know it's full of lots of nasty’s so I order some sterile medical grade cotton from a reputable Vape shop.
    After at least a dozen attempts I'm unable to rewick without every second vape being burnt or the contents of the tank running over fingers. I have noticed the sterile cotton is a lot thicker and I thought I had made allowances for it but after wasting 50ml of imported juice I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone has had similar problems?

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    Packing the cotton in too tight or too loose can cause problems.
    Also make sure you aren't covering the juice channels when you pack the cotton in & don't cover the air hole with cotton either.
    It might also pay to test with some unflavored juice (with or without nic) of the same PG/VG ratio as your expensive imported juice, so you aren't "wasting" it in testing.
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    Hi Battz,

    I am using sterile medical grade cotton on Russian too, not having any issues. Are you able to post a picture of your coil and cotton build?

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    also dont fill the russian chock a block with juice, leave a bit of air at the top of the tank. In my experience (limited tho it is) it can sometimes cause the juice to not feed properly. May just be me, ymmv.



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