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ceejay once you get your head around, carts, cartomisers, atomisers, fluxomisers, smokeymisers, clearomisers, CE2's, liquinators, tanks, both in low and standard resistance, the ohm's they run on, you will then start to think about ditching the ego/510 and buy a mod and the learning fun starts all over with whether you prefer protected or IMR batteries, the mah rating of the batteries, tube mods, bottom feeders, top feeders, 5v's versus variable volts, box mods, woodies etc.

The sad thing is after a month it will all start to make sense and one of your freinds will say "do you want a smoke" and you will say "no I prefer to vape on my Reo Mini, bottom feeder, with a AW 550 mah IMR high drain battery, running on a 1.5 ohm 510 low resistance ikenvape atomiser, with a 20/80% VG/PG mix 12mg nic juice, in candy apple flavour thanks" and they will politely smile as they edge towards the door.

ROFL the thing that scares me is that I now understand what all of that meant!!!