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Thread: Please recommend an E-Cigarette for my mum!

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    Please recommend an E-Cigarette for my mum!

    I'm desperately trying to get my Mum to quit smoking and I think an e-cigarette would really help her. Can you guys recommend a good starter kit? Is the Easypuff any good? Easypuff Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    It's a bit pricey, but it looks like it would suit her needs. She would prefer something that looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette. I can't find too many reviews on the Easypuff though, is it good quality? How long would the cartridges last? Is it good value or could we get something similar a bit cheaper? How do they taste? "Tastes like a real cigarette" is pretty general as all cigarette brands apparently taste different. Is there anything out there that tastes similar to Horizon Orange cigarettes? Are nicotine E-Cigs an effective strategy of weaning people off nicotine by gradually switching to nicotine-free juice?

    Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    (I also posted this in the Whirlpool E-Cig thread, hope that's okay.)
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    Almost everyone on here wouldn't be seen dead using a cigalike, and would recommend you any one of a thousand different combinations of gen 2 & 3 hardware and myriad liquids, but IMHO there's nothing wrong with starting on the cigalikes. They got me off cigarettes in the beginning, though I soon moved on to better equipment.

    I can only say the cigalikes I used were the Elusion ones, with Coffee cartridges in low or medium nicotine strength, and I immediately preferred them to cigarettes. So on the basis of that, they would be my recommendation!

    (And then Aspire mini nautilus + eLeaf iStick :-))

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    vision spinner with a mini nautilus
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    I would go with the eLeaf iStick with a silo lite. I have a lot of mods but mainly use the istick as it is small and the battery life lasts for days and topped off with the silo light, it is just a great set up IMO. Plus you can girly them up if you want...House of Vape or Steamecigs stocks them.
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    Hi Space,
    I wish i could have gotten my old dear onto vaping.
    She died waiting for an operation that was needed due to years of smoking.
    You will find a bunch of different suggestions i'm sure, but to me it seems a waste of money to purchase a low wattage device like a cigalike which will probably not deliver sufficient nicotine to satisfy your Mum's habit.
    I don't know where you are located but i would suggest getting something like this
    Vapeboss Social Package | Vapeboss

    And then head here
    Tobacco - Yaeliq

    Start her off on a 24mg tobacco flavour but just keep in mind that it will be hard to find an eliquid that tastes like a real smoke, cause a real smoke tastes like sh1t.
    Good luck mate
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    I started off using Green-Smoke disposable cartemizer e-cigarettes. They were great for making the initial switch.

    Your Mum won't want to be mucking around with e liquids initially. She'll want something with charge-screw-and-go convenience that's not too heavy in the hand.
    Green Smoke don't sell into Australia any more, but I have a work mate who is a month in and doing pretty well on Socialites.

    You can buy the Starter kits from Australia and get the nicotine cartemizers from the UK.

    Don't over invest though. If she's still going after a couple of months and no longer feels the need to approximate a cigarette, she'll probably be open to the idea of the clearomiser+battery setup like an aspire nautilus mini on an ego battery.
    That will give her a much more enjoyable vaping experience that has every chance of keeping her off the stinkies and in your life for years to come.

    Good luck!
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    One thing I learnt during my vaping journey is that you need to get the person involved in the decision. No point getting them an entire kit unless they are open to the idea. Have you talked to her about vaping, has she seen an ecig, has she tried an ecig before, are you a vaper that can help her learn how to vape. If any of those answers are no then don't spend anything.
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    Hi mate i have only been vaping for a very short time and i used and still do at work the e cigs ,for someone who is just coming of cigarettes i think it would be the best course of action to get them onto something that looks and feels like what they are used to ,criscross is right about getting your mum involved as it is her life and she must make the descison to stop .You can buy all the gear with bells and whistles on it but if they dont want to stop they wont trust me i know from personnal experience.the one i used were diamond they are marketed by a guy here in sth australia and are cheaper than the one you have shown all the best for you and your mum.

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    My sister started off on the GreenSmoke which became EasyPuff eCigs. She was 'only' interested in something that to her looked like a real cigarette. I did explain what I thought were the cons of the cigalikes, but they were the only thing she would consider trying.

    Six weeks done the track she is now happily using an eGo twist battery with Kanger Aero Tank Mini and much happier not having to keep changing cartos or batteries. She is amazed at how much longer they last

    I'm just happy she has now given up the smokes completely, and it didn't take long
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    I agree as crisscross said earlier get your mum involved and find out what she wants or prefers. Your looking at $100 spend to get started off with juice, battery, coils and postage so make sure you get something shes going to be comfortable with.
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