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Thread: Testimonial to Vaping (New Vapers suggested reading)

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    Testimonial to Vaping (New Vapers suggested reading)

    Beginning of day 3, its going well I finally finished my 30gram pouch bout 4pm yesterday(some kinda record for me)
    It's becoming easier and easier not to light up and becoming more satisfying to vape.
    The missus bought a small pack yesterday and we had a few drinks last night,
    Even when drinking I'm finding vaping quite good,
    The missus kept lighting up lastnight, I think the 12mg ist quite enough when she's drinking so next time I'l give her the full 24mg.

    I never posted my smoking history and I think it's pretty important so here it is.
    I'm 28 now and been smoking since I was 13, full time since I was 15.
    The last few years Iv smoked a 30gram pouch of Winnie blue each day.
    Each pouch is over $20 these days and there's the extra cost of papers and filters ect.
    So the total cost is prob around $23 orso each day.
    Then there's the time spent, going to the shop everyday to buy smokes, rolling up like 50 rollies perday.
    Fair bit of time involved, I won't know what to do with myself.(I'l have to find a hobby)

    Good to know there's other vapers in my local area, I'm just down at Christies.
    Yea Iv watched a few utubes bout vaping, I like the stories they tell.
    The missus took her ecig round her friends house yesterday and gave her a hit and she loved it.(the look of it and the hit she got)
    Her man was at work at the time so my missus gave her the little keyring info sheet we got with our starter kit.thanks evape.
    So I think they will do there research and won't be long before they make the switch also.

    Thanks for sharing Yr mixes ect. Handy to know, everyone is different of course and I'l find my poison.
    It doesn't look like I'l get my order for Christmas it left china like 4 days ago and hasn't arrived in aus yet, prob sitting in a crate somewhere. Owell

    When I have quit before after a while Iv coughed up mad black crap and just wondering when this starts and how long does it usually last?in Yr experience.

    Hey could the mods please make a testimonial area for ppl to tell there story ect? I really think that it's a MUST HAVE for new vapers.
    If ppl are like me, reading other ppls experiences are quite inspirational and very important to know what to expect when they start vaping.
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    About this thread, post 'well dones' here if you want, but to keep the thread to a stack of just testimonials without all the clutter in between I will be going through and cleaning out the clutter every now and then and just leaving the important posts and updates at 1 year and 10 years etc
    In order of useful: Provari V2 and V1, vamo, eGo twist, Katana v3, Hex, Orion v2, LavaTube, eGo x 6, VMAX, 510N, Tick V2, Tick V1, noEgo 18650, noEgo 14650 , Indulgence x 2, 905 6v mod, KR808D

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    When my sister first got her ecig, geez, cant remember exactly when, a year ago ?. My first thoughts were, its just smoking gimmick that doesnt work.
    Being a 30+ year smoker, I wanted to give up and knew it wouldnt be easy. Ive tried other ways to give up, the only other way that came close which was my last attempted before using ecigs was going Cold Turkey which I lasted 2 weeks. Chantix put me in hospital overnight and the doctors told me to stop using it. My Doctor told me of possible side effects, but I wanted to give up the cigs, so I had to try it, nothing else had worked.
    Which was just before I started to research about the e-cigs. I found the ECF forum and this one, read a bit about the success and health of ecigs.
    Then I went on searching for what I thought was the best ecig for me, which I went with the Ego-T type B, I didnt care about the looks, just wanted something I could just fill the tank with and not have to worry if the battery was going to run out during the day.
    Since Im at the computer a bit, the passthrough was a bonus.
    I used one of our aussie suppliers to buy my kit from with extra pieces that I needed and ordered the nic juice from one of our china suppliers. Bought 2x 30ml bottles of flavoured and 1x unflavoured to try out, thank god I bought an unflavoured one because I so hated the tobacco flavours.
    I still had a packet of smokes in my draw just in case, but ended up giving them away after a few weeks of vaping, I was totally satisfied with the results from the e-cig, never had one smoke since I started to vape.
    The first few days into vaping at 24mg, I had to drop down to 12mg, which was just right. I transitioned over to the e-cig with ease, I think it was easy for me because I was a low tar smoker, I have over the years cut down to smoking Horizon Whites, which has the lowest Tar content.
    About 4 weeks of vaping, I think I had what is known as the Quitter's flu, it was bad. My symptoms were Sore throat, dry mouth, tightness in the chest, headache and Fatigue. I slept for 12 hours straight, then when I got up, had a shower to try feel better and ended up back in bed sleeping for the rest of the day.
    It only lasted about 24hours then started to feel better. I never drank so much water and fruit juice and didnt even want to vape.
    About 6 weeks into Vaping, I decided to try going down to 5mg and started to mix VG into the mix too, about 30%. I now consume more now than before, approx 2 Ego-T tanks a day @5mg. Sometimes I go through 2 tanks in a night.
    Although Im at 5mg, which some of you may be thinking "why vape?", I still feel the need to use my hand-to-mouth action, maybe after the new years I may give up the Nicotine but continue the vaping, theres still more flavors I want to try (thats my excuse and Im sticking to it )
    I really wished I have done this years ago. This may not work for everyone, but for me I was desperate and needed help and this has exceeded more than my expectations.
    I and many other people, owe many thanks to the Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik for this incedible invention.
    I hope many people find the Ecig will work for them as it did for me and this forum is full of Aussie success stories.
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    Yep, it's the bomb. Tried everything else (except Champix - too scared) and just couldn't stay away from the evil weed. Got an Ego-T last April and haven't looked back.

    Now on an EPM tank with Boge cartomisers and loving it. In so many ways it isn't just an alternative to smoking, it is much, much better.

    Free since April 2011
    T3S clearomiser and Ego-T batteries

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    Had my first real go of a few hours last night at a friends place (i have ordered my starter kit and juice, just waiting) and loved it. Spent 3 hours and did NOT feel the need to light a real cig. Frickin awesome. Looking forward to learning more about vaping.

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    Why e-vaping is a life-changer for me

    My story:

    Years smoking: 23 (plus 6 years on and off desperately trying to quit)
    Smokes per day: 20-25
    Quit methods tried: hypnosis - short lived effects. Patches - gave me red square welts that itched for weeks. Zyban - bad side effects, like bugs running up your arms. Gum, losenges, microtabs - just got addicted to all those, plus mouth ulcers and receeding gums.
    First contact with e-vapes: a badly written sensationalist news article, then luckily a guy at work who was happily vaping away in the smokers corner
    First experience: bought a starter pack with a battery that lasted 15 mins, with useless, inconsistent cartomisers - all pretty frustrating, but still enough to get me interested
    Next experience: did more research, bought some decent (eGo) batteries, switched to drip tips and dripping, found a nic juice I'm happy with, big improvement
    It's been a week since I completely quit tobacco, but this is a huge thing for me. This is the first time I've ever been convinced I've given it up for good.

    Some of most positive things are:
    1. no more burning sensation in my lungs in the morning, no more coughing, telltale wheeze is gone
    2. food tastes amazing again, breath smells normal again
    3. the amount I paid for my e-vape setup is already covered by a week's worth of smokes I never bought (sorry Government - that's $5000 a year in taxes you'll have to get elsewhere)
    4. no more dirty ash, matches, breath mints, worrying about how I smell at work
    5. can wear contact lenses for the whole day without them getting gritty
    6. all my non-smoking friends love it
    7. I worry less about the dire consequences of smoking now
    8. I can vape on the fly, whereas smoking used to be a time sucking, annoying ritual
    9. I recently found an old packet of smokes in a jacket pocket, and I just tossed them without a second thought or any regrets. For me that's a big mental shift

    A few negatives:
    1. postage delays: the wait for the nic juice from overseas was incredibly frustrating. It turned out to be just 8 days but it's like watching water boil. Luckily I found aussievapers and a friendly vaper lent me some juice so I could get started
    2. getting up to speed with e-vape equipment, cleaning, maintenance and techniques, they all take several hours of research, reading and watching youtube. It's overwhelming at first, and I put in a few wrong orders for the wrong parts
    3. finding a tactic for organising, labelling and carrying around my stuff
    4. dry throat. I now vape with a glass of water handy (though smoking gave me dry throat as well)
    5. washing or dropping a battery on a hard surface is likely to ruin it (though luckily they're pretty cheap to replace)

    What works for me now (still early days for me but I'm getting there): two eGo passthrough batteries + Joye 510 atomisers + ceramic driptips + Davidoff high 18mg nic VG base from + coloured rubber bands for labelling atomisers
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    This is a good idea for a thread, as Stoney said.. Just post the important stuff and cler away discussion and posts that aren't a "story".. Including this one when I go through it. :-)
    Will be good for those at the start of their journey to reflect on, or use as motivation
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