Ok I received my starter pack from Vapebar, loving the eGO-T, a few questions I have are below, and advice will be appreciated.

1. The clear mouthpieces that you fill up with juice, are these re-usable? It seems like when you lock it in the pierce a hole?

2. I ordered and receive 2 x smoketech dual coil Cartomiser's (stainless), how do these work?, I see the screw onto the battery (where do you put juice and how much etc?

3. I receive some RY4 and Vanilla, can I fill up a mouth piece and puff away as is without adding anything? (I have not received my nic yet which could prove interesting going into next week)

4.I am pretty sure the PG and VG I received is for mixing Juices, correct me if I am wrong?

Thanks again MJ and Vapebar and thanks in advance for answering if you do...