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    Hello vapers, what is difference between 510 and 510 T ?

    Hi there, I am new to vaping, looking forward to kick the cigs and try out vaping. Haven't purchased an e-cig yet. I like the look of the ecig that is similar to a cigarette. Been checking out the 510 and 510 T. Which one is easier / less hassle to use? I've checked out the newbie posts etc but haven't found the answer. Was also wondering if I buy a kit what else should I get in terms of supplies to get me going?

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    The batts in a 510 or 510t kit are the same with the same thread. A 510 T kit comes with a special atomiser that can only use 510 tanks with. I have found newbies quite enjoy these. The tank doesn't have any filler, but the vapour is a little cool and lacking flavour, but holds about .7mls of juice from memory. The 510 kit probably comes with a 510 atomiser and cartridge. I dont like cartridges as they only hold a few drips and are messy. But most would use cartomisers with them like the boge 510d's, which hold around 1ml, have a cotton wool type filler, and produce a hotter more flavour some vape.

    I would get a 510T kit, and also buy a pack of boge 510d cartomisers with it (only cost around $6 for 5), that way you can try both and see which you prefer. The batteries in either kit are the same. I would also get the manual batteries as they are better, and you dont need to worry about leaking juice stuffing up the batts, like the auto 510's.

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    When I first started I used a 510-T, but quickly went onto boge 510 cartomisers after that because I liked the draw and the warmth of the vape better on those. Like Mick said get both and see how you go. (The warmer vapour reminded me of smoking more)

    Good luck

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    my other half has been on 510T for quite some time, they are quite a good device, particularly if you have a favourite juice and stick with it as a flavour will tend to cling, she only uses menthol so its not an issue. Also if you intend to get into the dark juices I think you will have problems with 510T clogging.
    can pump a little extra juice in at will, just pull tank back half a mm and push back into place, every time this is done a little juice is forced in, makes for some easily adjustable vaping since its so easy to adjust the dampness.
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