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Thread: Looking for a liquid that actually tastes like tobacco.

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    Looking for a liquid that actually tastes like tobacco.

    Hi guys.

    I have tried a few different flavors, however all of the 'tobacco' based ones seem to taste nothing like tobacco.

    For example, I have tried French Pipe from health cabin, tobacco from the same vendor, but I found that these taste more like chocolate and hazelnut. Not a bad thing, but sometimes I just feel like that tobacco flavor.

    Can anyone give me any recommendations?
    Many thanks.

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    I like the 555 from GH1 (thanks CCC) but mix in some of Juicewhores Dark Smoke Tobacco.

    It's pretty nice to me and has a nice smokey hit. I'm a "savory" kinda bloke and i'm not into all the sweet fruits and desserts so the smokey\nutty ones are what I look for.

    You're never going to get the same flavour as a cigarette because you're not burning anything, there's no tobacco and no DDT, arsenic etc.
    Try to think of vaping as something you'll acquire as far as taste\flavour goes.
    You're never going to get your Winnie blues in vape form. But you will find something you'll like

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    don't believe the adverts for some of the dodgier OS suppliers with its 'just like smoking'.
    The reality is that it will never taste much like smoking and thats a good thing, I would suggest that the only way it could would be by adding back all the nasty chemicals and tar that we are trying to avoid.
    Things like 'flue cured tobacco' from dekang taste a bit like bitumen to me and are surprisingly vapeable. Tasty vapour tobacco is made by steeping tobacco leaves in PG, at best it tastes a little like the smell of a freshly opened packet of smokes.
    Some of the flavour concentrates are things like cedar wood smoke, these add a smoky type taste .. its never going to be the disgusting real thing though, but what exactly is the taste of a cigarette. I suspect its more the addiction making you think it tastes wonderful when the reality is likely quite different. Non coffee drinkers often can't stand the taste of coffee .. the weirdos.
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    Oksmokey Oldholborn

    Vaporstation - Tampa, Tennesse, Texas, Phoenix - depending on the style you like

    Above are not to sweet, not perfumy, on the drier side, not to cigar like (which i dont like).

    Nothing will taste like a smoke but they will meet some of the characteristics you may like. You need to really experiment and narrow down what characteristics you are looking for. Good vapes but not my thing include

    Juicewhores UP is a good vape but a sweeter vape

    FSUSA - Pure Cig - popular dirty ashtray tasting vape
    FSUSA - Wyatt Earp - like this one but a real strong acquired taste

    Bounty Hunter an Bobs bounty - hugely popular but not what i would consider a true tobacco as many other flavours added.

    numerous juices made from steeped tobacco leaves - closer to the smell of a unlit smoke want2vape and tastyvapor etc
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    GH1's USA Mix and Tobacco eliquids are pretty good

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    I rather like vapeking's backo blend but my favourite tobacco flavour is probably healthcabin's desert ship

    On paper the sound of RY4 didn't appeal to me, not being a fan of caramel or vanilla flavours, but once I actually tried it, it is surprisingly like smoking to me. It does have that sweet touch to it but I like sweet. Something about the caramel and vanilla flavours mingled with a tobacco flavour just seems like I remember smoking tasting like at times. It's interesting to me because I taste different things in it at different times, it's a bit magical like that.

    The memory of what smoking tasted like is NOTHING like what smoking actually tastes like to me now... eeeuuugghhh >.< can't stand it now

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    I've been enjoying Dark Vapture from FlavourArt but it's a concentrate so you'd need to be able to do a little bit of DIY.
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    These two UK vendors make some of the best "tobacco-like" juices in my opinion (the OK "rolling tobacco" flavours in double flavour versions are particularly good):

    Ok Smokey - Collected Juice Reviews - UK Vapers

    Paradise Vape - Collected Juice Reviews - UK Vapers
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    Oksmokey are not cheap... £8.50 for 20ml 0mg? plus shipping. Wanna be nice juice
    Is it just me, or are juice prices starting to go up. Yes I know this has been battled out in another thread.. but sheesh man.


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