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Thread: New vaper - after some advice please!!

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    New vaper - after some advice please!!

    Hi guys, I am a newly converted member of the vaping community and am never looking back! I will also start by saying that this forum is awesome an full of a wealth of information for a newbie like me.

    I have been vaping now for a couple of weeks, I bought a Kanger subox mini starter kit while I was overseas recently. After reading as much as I could and watching many youtube videos I set it up and I absolutely love it. I am looking at getting something else as a second device, preferably something similar to what I already have, I love the VW control it provides. I have been doing a lot of reading but with so many different options out there it has gotten a little bit confusing. I don't need anything too complicated, however as I said before I do really like the variable wattage control. The other thing I have read is that some devices don't like being used with a low VG concentration, I have been vaping with 50% PG/VG and I feel like that is the perfect mix for me, I feel it gives me a decent throat hit so I don't really want to decrease the PG.
    A couple I have come across are the Vtwo mini /w cubis pro or the Aspire K4, but there are probably many other options out there that I have missed. I am probably leaning towards getting another starter kit at the moment, until I have got my head around how the compatibility with interchanging tanks/mods/etc works. It's probably a lot simpler though than it appears to me at the moment!
    Most of the time I direct lung inhale, although sometimes I like to MTL.
    I guess in a nutshell what I'm after is something that performs in a similar way to what I have now, with variable wattage control, easy to purchase/replace coils, can inhale either way if I choose to, and I can still use the liquids that I have been using.
    Price isn't really an issue, I would rather pay a bit more for a decent piece of equipment and have it last/perform well than buy something cheap that I'm not going to be happy with.

    Thanks in advance guys! BTW if I have asked any stupid questions, feel free to let me know

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    The new mega Pico looks the goods

    I have a standard pico and melo 3 tank and find them very good. I have VTC mini, but its the pico I like the most. The melo 3 is an excellent tank capable of MTL and DL hits. It also has a lot of options with the coil types ceramic included. I do most of my shopping at Fasttech, just make sure you use the Australia Expedited Air shipping option. Last 2 orders have got here in 7 days.
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    If I were in your shoes, knowing what I know now and considering what you have said I would take just a little bit more time to ask questions and check out some Youtube reviews and select the parts that suit what I wanted.

    To tell you the truth, a starter kit is just a lower powered device packaged with an ok clearomizer tank. It'll get ya started but it usually isn't a "knock you socks off" kinda thang. At this point there's no reason for you to feel intimidated and restrict yourself to a kit when you can do better. You said that you wanted something that will be good and last you keep that in mind.

    Just to set your mind at ease let me assure you...all currently available atomizers will work on all currently available VW devices. It's only when you get into mechanicals that you need to be cautious and have a bit more knowledge and experience. As you browse stay away from any category that starts with an "R"...rebuildable, RDA, RTA and RDTA...those aren;t where you wanna be at the moment. Save that fun for Xmas!

    Since you said you like to inhale deep lung mostly you have a wealth of options out there for tanks. I can recommend the Uwell Crown (v1) from experience. Good flavor and solidly build. The coils are pretty easy to find to. I'm sure others here can give you other recomendations.

    As for a device? I think anything with decent rreviews in the 75-100w range should suit you. They would definitely meet your current needs and give you some growing room. Again, there's lot's to choose from at the moment. The Snow Wolf Mini is a pretty nices device, the Treebox is kinda purty, and so on. Agaion, others will chime in with their recommendations.

    While you are at it, if you haven't already I strongly recommend getting a charger, some spare batteries and some battery cases. Charging in device is not really the best for you batteries, especially if you move up to a 2 battery device. PLus, it's always nice to have a set charged so you can keep on vaping when the current set dies. The cases are for safety.

    The main reason I recommend looking at things piecemeal rather than kit is that I think you'll get a better experience choosing specific items that work well rather than what you get ion a starter kit. AS I said earlier....those starter kits are usually pretty basic.

    Good Luck!
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