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    RTA recomendations

    G'day guys,
    OK so I'm still a newb to vaping but I've got myself a Kanger SUBVOD MEGA TC Starter Kit and an Innokin T18, both of which I'm running with 1.5 ohm coils with around 70%VG and 8mg nic and loving it, but I feel the need for more.
    I would like a mod with that I can have some control over and also an RTA, because I know I'm going to want to start building my own coils.
    Personally Clouds are a priority over flavour, so I was wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations on a good combo?

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    Just a few to start you off:
    Avocado Genesis/24
    Griffin 22/25/25plus

    If you decide to go a little more toward flavour:
    Kayfun V5 SJMY

    Mod really depends by what you mean by more control.
    I myself have had a;
    - VTC Mini
    - DNA75 (Which i blew up knowingly doing something i shouldnt)
    - VTC Dual

    All of which gave me the control i wanted.
    all pretty easy to build in my experience.
    my 2c.
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    If you don't mind the possibility of leaking, depending on wicking and if you leave them on their sides.. But for me Genesis style tanks (where the tank is on the bottom) is where it's at. Avocado 24, Coilart Azeroth, Limitless Plus (just bought their new classic edition) They're basically an RDA with a massive juice well. Easy access to your build, though slightly more annoying than a normal RTA to change out your juice. As mentioned above the Griffins are all good to go if you do want the normal style RTA.



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