Hey New Vapers
I am the Fatman and like it or not am often the "face" of AVF ( yep its THAT ugly ! )
One of the greatest things about AVF is the fact that we can bring together a huge number of very different people and help them on their journey into giving up the stinkies and coming to grips with vaping.
There is NO better reference out there

But the most important thing about the place is that despite it all we strive to keep the community aspect alive and well ... part of that is putting BACK.
As a newbie you might be wondering, "well how am I gonna do that ?" ... well one solution is backing the causes that appear from time to time, to remind us all that its not ALL about shinies and self entitlement

Currently we are supporting the MOVEMBER cause with one of our long term ( and very vocal and goddamn sexy members) growing the facial fur and lopping it off for charity !

Please get behind him , throw in a donation , even if it is only $5 it all helps !

We have a raffle system where for each $5 you donate you are awarded a virtual raffle ticket and you could win some really cool stuffs too

Just make sure you leave your AVF name on your donation in the comments bit and you will be allocated your tickets.

You are doing a great thing for those around you and yourself by taking up vaping... spread the lurve a little further by getting behind a great charity !


Movember Aussievapers Style.

Official Juzm's Hairfree Future raffle thread!

Lets send it off with a bang by revving up til the end of the week!