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Thread: Things just got a little bit serious

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    Things just got a little bit serious

    So been vaping for almost a couple of weeks and having trouble making any significant inroad into my daily cigarette intake.

    I was sitting at home on Thursday night with my new Coolfire IV mod in one hand, durry in the other, two cigarette patches on and thinking that I really need to make a damm decision here.

    Anyway Friday was my first day at work after being on rec leave for 4 weeks. Plan was to smoke up to lunchtime and vape from then for the rest of the day. Comes 1.30 pm and at my desk I start to get significant chest pain. Give it 15 mins and I realise there's something out of the ordinary that's different from the regular discomfort I put up with and ignore on a daily basis. So now I'm in the cardio ward at Canberra hospital waiting on an angiogram. Initial diagnosis is minor? heart attack. 48 hrs enforced cold turkey off a 50 a day cigarette habit and feeling like shit.

    Didn't post this particularly looking for answers. Just needed to vent.
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    Hope you start feeling better soon fella

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    Wow. Sorry to hear but grateful they know what it is. Rest up and take care
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    Damn .. sorry to hear that

    One thing at least with the cold turkey you will be in the forced position on whether to vape or not as well ... your choices are much better
    Back to stinkies? Nahhhh
    Carry on with the turkey? If you can .. cool
    Vape ... if the turkey doesn't hold at least its not cigarettes

    Wishing you well irregardless .. rest and do what yer told !
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    Hope it's really only a minor (no kidding with the ???) heart attack and whatever caused it can be taken care of one way or another.

    If I might make a small suggestion however.

    Do not smoke another cigarette. Hook into the Cool Fire like there's nothing else, try and wear the &^%&^ out in record time. If you can get a decent toke off it already, it'll be that much easier but if you can't then you'll need to commit to it and find something that'll work for you because cigarettes will be strictly verboten.

    Worked for me, but I didn't need a heart attack to give me the impetus to not light another one. It was that I needed to drive for work sometimes, and I didn't want to defile a nice new car with smoke so swore I'd never smoke in it and haven't done so and never will. Made me commit to vaping, even though the first things I had were utter crap. Still, they weren't smoke so all the better.

    As an aside to cars and smoking, we looked at a car that'd been smoked in heavily. Seems like a whole family would have day long smoking fests inside the poor thing, and leave the windows up while they did it. I've never seen anything like it before or since. Car was completely ruined. And yet, I took it for a test drive anyway. The stink stuck to me all the way home. I looked into all manner of how to get rid of the stink before we decided 'not possible', and I don't think it could ever be fixed. You'd need to scrub it out of the frame of the thing, replace the interior completely and even then it'd probably go from "stinking for 10 feet away" to "stinking on a hot day".

    Good luck, take care and if you can put a silver lining on this, it'll be the chance to just not light another one. If only I could get my dad to get off the gaspers too. I'll give him a decent shove when I see him in a few weeks, even though my brother and myself no longer smoking aren't incentive enough.


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    Best wishes, and best of luck.

    Looking forward to hearing your tales about how this kick in the ticker helped you join the path of eternal vape.

    Heres to a long and fruitful life.
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    Having heart attacks isn't a very good way to get an early mark IMO.

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    Hope all works out and your recovery is quick take care.

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    Hope everything works out well for you.

    Yep, vaping is your answer. You might need to increase the nicotine content if it's not doing it for you yet.
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    Hi Xbb,

    I hope all turns out well.

    I see you've have been a member here for a long time - let us know if you are having some issue with the CoolFire - plenty of helpful members here will offer assistance if needed.


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