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Thread: Beginner - Vapeking - Aspire Pockex Thread

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    Question Beginner - Vapeking - Aspire Pockex Thread

    Hey all! New to the whole vape community. Got my aspire Pockex in the mail along with three flavors (choc mint, vanilla and plain chocolate) from Vapeking. Where I live, it's a small community so if I make any mistakes by accident with my vape pen I really don't have someone in person to turn to for help, and apart from the user manual and some online reviews, there's pretty much little on the Aspire Pockex. For instance, in some videos I see people fill from the SIDE of the tank, and in another I see someone fill the bottom of the tank then place the coil in. Not only that but by noobie mistake, I bought purely PG juice, not mixed and I've read with some Aspire products that being purely PG can continually make the pen spit and pop which is what I've experienced on my first day.

    So, just simply:

    - regardless of brand or flavor, what is actually best for an Aspire PockeX? is pure PG fine? Can I salvage my PG mix by adding VG?
    - What is the actual way to fill the tank?
    - Can you place the pen on charge with e liquid still in the tank (I ask this because I am unable to properly store any excess liquid I don't use for future use, meaning I could be wasting liquid if I need to always empty the tank before recharging) ?
    - Anyone's first experiences with this particular vaping pen? Popping noises and how to get used to them? What to expect? Not to expect?
    - Lastly, if I can't salvage my PG mixtures, what are some good beginner vaping pens for PG straight juice? Good products for VG?

    I apologize if this is lengthy, not in the correct category (forgive me, I'm new lol) or the questions seem ridculous.

    Merry Christmas and happy vaping!


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    Hi and welcome

    I have never seen the device you have but I am assuming that it is the one on the link below.
    Have a look at the aspire site it gives you clear and detailed filling instructions

    Aspire - Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO

    Your device will be charged via a micro usb port the same as a phone so you can use the same charger and you dont have to remove the tank
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    To answer this question "Can I salvage my PG mix by adding VG?", the answer is yes but you will sacrifice some flavour and nic strength (assuming you have nic in your juice) to some degree. The more VG added, the more you will sacrifice.

    ETA: I see you bought it from VK, did you by chance buy doublers, or are the juices ready to vape?
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    as said above also the juice mix will be handy

    also for VG its knowen a 14G blunt needle is best and some syringes (i just mix right from my VG bottle with 1 syringe for that only to avoid mixing unknown amounts into my flavours)

    for VG just get it from vape king again i use it and love it

    Also for charging i just run my one to my pc (since its close and thats on the usb 3 port)
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    Hi Minx, from what you have written above, it seems like you need a bit of help. Apologies if I'm telling you things you already know but it seems that you are very much just starting out.

    E-liquid is usually made up from a combination of PG, VG, Flavours and Nicotine. The flavours are PG based and the Nicotine can be suspended in either 100% PG, 100%VG or a mixture of both. Your juices from VapeKing won't contain Nicotine as it against the law for sellers to include it and we have to add this separately ourselves. It is quite unusual for e-liquid to be 100% PG although I have just noticed that at VapeKing's web site that this is the default when purchasing e-liquid and you have to use the drop-down menu to change this to, for example, 60%PG 40%VG. I've never known or even heard of anyone using 100%PG but I guess some people do otherwise VapeKing wouldn't sell it.

    Personally, I make my e-liquid at 30%PG and 70%VG but 60%PG/ 40%VG or 70%PG/30%VG is a good place to start, especially for a smoker as the PG increases the throat hit making vaping closer to smoking a cigarette. Not that that helps you just at the moment. If you left the options at the default at VapeKing or just changed the size of the bottle from 10ml to, say, 30ml, and left the other two, you would have bought what they call 'flavour strength' = single and the 'PG/VG ratio' = 100%PG. This means it is a 'ready to vape' (without Nicotine) and I imagine that the bottle would have been full. If the 'flavour strength' had been 'Doubler' (double strength) it means that what you buy will make up a half of your e-liquid with the other half being PG+VG+Nicotine that you would add yourself, ie 10ml would become 20ml. Most vendors sell Doublers in bottles twice the size of the liquid contained so you can add to it simply.

    From your situation at the moment, your options are limited if you want to change the ratio. Even if you were to add 2ml of VG to a 10ml bottle ie approx 20% VG (assuming you have some or purchased some) this would dilute the flavour quite a lot but may help with the popping and spit-back. By the way, I don't know if this is the cause of the spit-back as I've never vaped 100PG but the Pockex coils have a good reputation and I haven't heard of any problems such as this with them. Any higher a percentage would seriously mute the flavour. Either way you would need a larger bottle to put it in. It may be better to buy some more e-liquid of a different ratio rather than changing the Pockex. You will probably find a use for the 100% PG e-liquid later when you are more familiar with things and know how to combine juices.

    You haven't mentioned Nicotine so I'm assuming you haven't bothered too much about this yet. When/if you are interested, this will have to be bought from an overseas vendor and you will need to do some calculations to find out how much to add. This needs to be done very carefully and you should research this well before trying it. There are threads here that deal with this.

    The Pockex is a very simple device + tank. You fill it by holding it upright and removing the top cap along with the coil (which is attached to the cap) and simply adding your e-liquid into the upright tank. Perhaps you have seen some videos of other types of tanks that do get filled via the side but this isn't one of them. Make sure you fill only to the 'max' line or you will overflow when you replace the top cap and coil. When the top cap is on, this device can be laid on its side for charging without emptying the tank.
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    Did you buy singlers or doublers ? Singlers are ready to vape and as you stated you don't use nic as you are not an ex smoker nothing has to be added.



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