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Chromium oxide has very low conductivity, which is why it's vitally important to fire mesh wicks (and SS contact coils). "non conductive" in this case is relative - and when the alternate path is a sub ohm coil or even something under 2 ohms, it's no contest.
I figured this was the case, what I was thinking of was more the risk of shorting your circuit out.
or worse, arcing..
it's kind of like how you can get away with having a spoon or metal bowl in a microwave, but if it's foil or mesh or any kind of metal that is close enough to allow short arcs of electricity then it's a disaster.

Not sure how big the risk is with SS mesh, only encountered it on an E-cig and I had no idea that was the wick, mind you I didn't even know what an atomiser was (heated wire)

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you used a tad much then (yes late to spot) i can use 1 strip to make 3 coils 2 duals and a single
It's kinda messy stuff that cotton bacon, I think it's use is as said on the packaging "Wick n vape" just cut your piece wick your coil n vape
then cough.

because you forgot to juice it.