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Thread: new guy, running in Vaping game

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    new guy, running in Vaping game

    Good day Guys,

    I am very new in the Vaping industries, I actively start vaping since jan 2017. I started my journey 1 year ago when i search for vape product and as with everyone else I use cig a like and the best I found in the industries was V2cig. So i took the plunge and purchase they product and their e liquid starting with 18mg and 12mg.

    I tried for 2 months and stop as i though this is shit as it is not really replace the taste and the feel of cigaret. but december last year i suddenly hit me and start to vape almost full time. i used to smoke 1 cotton a week. heads up, i am still actually smokes but but it is greatly reduced to 1-2 rollies a day.

    my daily run consists of
    - v2 cig a like to use my 12mg nic
    -vaporfi 80tc 0.5ohm coil
    -MCV biomech mech mod with avocado 22 LE
    -Deus mods with Ammit RTA

    I heard everyone raving about RDA but i can't seems to get a good flavour for it hence at the moment I use a lot of RTA. i don't know what I did wrong as my current setup is 24g kanthal, 2.5/3mm wire around 0.5-0.7ohm coil.

    maybe my tounge is broken but somehow i get the same taste even if I'm using the Vaporfi tank compare to my Current setup RDA or RTA.

    the reason i stick to RTA is I like to build my own coil and don't have to drip again and again.

    I need help now more than ever as I am interested in Squonking and would like to try to get the best flavour experience.

    I am flavour chaser and I smoke fruit e liquid with 6mg nic.

    current gear coming to me:
    -icon RDA,skywalker RDA, Gorge RDA, Hadaly RDA, clone DDP typhon

    -3fvape Frankenskull
    -v2 authentic frankenskull

    thanks a bunch for your help and I build single coil exclusively


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    Welcome Ivan. Throw a 0.4-0.5Ω coil in the hadaly. If that doesn't give any flavour, something is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockmoose View Post
    Welcome Ivan. Throw a 0.4-0.5Ω coil in the hadaly. If that doesn't give any flavour, something is wrong.
    Yep, very similar to my build on the NaRDA too. 0.4Ω in Stainless will work on the mech or in TC depending on how I'm feeling. Most of my builds will work on almost anything I have, and I've been building this way for over three years (design the build for mech so it works on both mech and regulated devices).

    Fasttech NarDA clone comes with a bottom feed pin.
    I'd like an original NarDA but I think it would be over AU$200 landed (US$120 plus shipping and farting around).

    Edit: for flavour it's best to aim for lower watts for any particular device rather than aiming for the high end. A lot of flavourings don't do so well at high power (but a few do need it).
    Also for flavour look for a smaller chamber, smooth even airflow, conical chimney cap and higher PG juices (which also ties in with the lower watts BTW). There's a bit of science to it, but there's almost as many final solutions as there are vapers out there.
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    If you don't like the flavour while dripping an RDA, you won't like it squonking either.

    It's not for everyone. Some prefer and report better flavour from tanks.

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    thanks for all your help guys, i will give it a try and comeback to you when i finish trying with all the RDA.

    I saw my first Frankenskull and I just have to have it. I have clone and the authentic coming for comparison so I would like to at least give it a go how it feels.

    i don't know why but somehow even though I have a vaporfi 80Tc i always go with my mech mod because of the size and the joy of rebuilding coil.

    i've been looking for authentic Narda But to no Available, I'm not to keen to clone as I am a believer that the real deal is always better.

    if any of you master have and willing to sell me Authentic Narda it would be greatly appreciated.

    PS, can't be bothered to use TC, too much hassle so either wattage mode or mech mod all the way




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