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    New flavours arrived ????

    OK my 6 flavours arrived from Healthcabin today all look and smell awesome but my question is, how can i try them all without having to fill up my tank or carto, i have an atomizer here that came with my lavatube, if i drip a couple drops in there and try it will the next flavour i try be weird because of the flavour before or is there a way of cleaning the old taste/flavour out before hand

    Thank you

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    Well... you don't have to try them all right away and usually you need to vape something for more than a few draws before you get a good taste. However, you can usually get away with dripping on an atty for "similar" flavours. Similar flavours are those within the same flavour group. Tobaccos are all in the same group but citrus-like fruits are not in the same group as sweeter fruits.. you can mix some but not all. Menthol is a very strong and lasting flavour you won't get off the atty very quickly.. also coffee and chocolate tend to "stick" to the atties as well..

    Most flavours, even if not in the same flavour group, will come off eventually but those strong ones (like coffee and menthol) will stick around for a very long time and affect the flavour of everything else.

    You can "dry burn" the atty to get rid of excess juice.. but menthol and coffee will still be there.. hehe.. they "stick" to the atty..
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    I bought the cheapest cartos i could find for that reason, they were my flavour testing cartos and i would literally use them 1 time to pick the one i would fill my tank with. Now i cant be bothered doing that, i figure if i like how it smells i am going to like vaping it. I have only lost one stardust to a discusting juice that i couldn't clean the taste out of.



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