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    Trying to identify a good US e juice vendor from the hundreds

    Hi there,

    I bought a vape at the start of the year, istick Pico and upgraded to a aspire tank which I'm loving.

    My issue has been trying to identify a decent vendor of e juice with nicotine which I can now use.

    A friend recommended Mt Baker Vapor which I have ordered from, and since realised I am sensitive to PG, so I ordered some pure VG from an Aus Ebay vendor to dilute my liquids. It has worked well.

    Moving forward, I am not sure I'm ready to jump into mixing my own Nicotine into liquids, unless this is a simple enough process.

    Can anyone recommend say 2 or 3 US vendors of e juice?

    Where can I buy straight nicotine from?

    I have some vendors which I have checked but the number of e juice brands are staggering and I don't know where to start!

    Is there anywhere good for juice reviews?

    I am a big fan of dessert flavours!

    Thanks all!

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    If you have problems with PG, Velvet cloud are very good

    I also like heather's heavenly vapes they have 100%VG options

    It all gets very expensive quickly though. That's why DIY is tempting. I get my nicotine from a US company with quality nic and DHL shipping you might want to start with a lower strength say 48 mg/ml (this concentration is safe if it spills on you but not safe for kids or animals). is good for reviews there are a few others though

    Im sure plenty will be along soon... lol
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    It would be helpful if you gave us some idea weather you are looking for more of the budget type juice (like Mt Baker)
    or if you are willing to spend more. Also, if you can name a few juices that you have liked so far maybe people that can
    relate would be able to make some suggestions.

    Try not to base too many of your decisions on reviews.....unless its from someone that you know has a similar taste to
    you. As you can imagine everyone has different tastes and you will just end up disappointed. I know its difficult when
    you first start out but we all have had to go through the same thing.

    Personally I would recommend getting acquainted with nicotine base so you can buy juice locally and just add your nic
    to that. Its not as daunting as it may sound. The cost of shipping and exchange rates make buying juice in the US very
    expensive nowadays....even with the budget stuff. You can get US juices here from a few vendors. Grumpy Vapes is one
    with a large selection.



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