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Thread: Ammonia taste in DIY juice

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    I use a magnetic Mixer and also an ultrasonic steeper, If I am mixing say 70VG /30 PG I warm the fluid on the Magnetic Mixers hotplate to about 55C then turn the thermostat down to keep the fluid thickness consitent. I let it run for about 30 min stirring. Then I transfer the mix into glass bottles and depending on the type of flavor used I steep them in the Ultrasonic for about an hour. Then allowing them to cool to room temperature I do a taste. If happy, I leave then stand overnight with the lid loose. If not happy I give then another zap for about another half an hour and again let the mix stand until its room temperature. Folowing the Ultrasonics and depending on the flavors they are good to go after two days of normal steeping. Some fruit flavors do not need much steeping at all, but desert flavors like my recent Kentucky Heaven and Snikerdoodle clone needed a considerable steep in the UC but were right to go in a couple of days

    . As to chemical tastes in the mix the only time I had that when I made the error of ordering Glyc from Basedrop. A mistake I will never again repeat.

    Edit: If you are using ultrasonic steeping it is not advised to steep in plastic bottles as some plastics will react with ultrasonics. I am not a platics expert so do not ask me which ones. Good things come in glass.
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