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Thread: HELP! Any ideas?

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    HELP! Any ideas?

    Hi guys, I just started vaping a month ago and its been awesome. Got off the smokes completely and loving every part of it. Just an enquiry about coils and their relationship with the juices.
    I am currently running:
    -Smok Alien 220W Starter Kit
    -Big baby beast tank
    -Smok X4 coils
    -Juices from (generally 70/30 PG/VG) - 3mg Nicotine

    I've found a juice that i've fallen in love with (Cloud Niners Mango) , however it tends to burn my coil out in 24 hours of usage. (40-50W~) Surprisingly, some other liquids that are also the same brand and same 70/30 burn the coil out over a week.
    I have been researching and can't seem to find a clear answer. Any input would be a godsend!


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    It could be down to the amount of sweetener the juice maker uses in his recipes.
    Commercial juices tend to have abit too much for my liking and thus the shift towards DIY juices.
    Alternatively, one suggestion would be to build your own coils.
    Its relatively easy to learn and much much much cheaper in the long run.
    Just make sure you have all the necessary equipment like wires, wicks/cotton/rayon etc, coil jig and an ohm meter to be safe.

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    I have been DYI since I moved out of Oz, where I live it is almost as expensive as tobacco.

    I have a very sweet tooth and I only vape sweet strawberry or something similar. I was using 1 coil of many kinds in a week and had to change them. I am now mixing my own and adding my own sweetener, my coils are last at least 3 weeks.

    If you haven't got complicated taste buds and need complicated juices, try mixing small batches of your own simple juice. I knoiw that in Oz, the nicotine part of mixing is a pain in the butt, since availability is zero, but you may want to take that road to save on coils or, as just suggested, build your own, that way, you only change your cotton.
    I will be travelling in time, please leave a message and I will get back to you last week.

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    I agree, almost certainly sweetener, and probably sucralose. DIY juice using ethyl maltol as the sweetener would not damage coils as quickly.

    Sucralose starts to breakdown at 120C, far below the vaporisation temperature of all e-liquids. It needs to be studied to find out what byproducts are being created, but a lot of us think that it should not be component in e-liquids.

    Natural extracts can also be very hard on coils, but I don't think that's the case here. The most likely problem is sucralose used as a sweetener.
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    Seriously get into rebuildables , you will never go back
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    dont chain vape if you do, the cotton may not be able to keep up with that wattage.

    how many times you fill the tank in 24 hours.

    i used charlie chalk caramel once, i have to change the coil after every 3rd fill. dont use it anymore.

    that the tell tale if the juice have high sugar content. hence i dont use it no more.

    in comparison i currently have lemonate by the merge and alien piss. the cotton not even gunk in a week and over 60ml of juice on RDA

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    Not all juice manufacturers use sweeteners, using sweeteners is the lazy way out to add "flavor", however knowing which ones do & don't can be difficult.
    All sweeteners, even ethyl maltol, will gunk up coils faster than judicious amounts of flavor concentrates.
    If you don't want to DiY, look for ejuice makers that do not add sweeteners to their juices, there are ways to add sweetness without using artificial sugars & good ejuice makers generally do not use sweeteners.
    I find I can get plenty of sweetness into almost any juice without using any sweetener, there are very few juices that actually need a little added sweetness but I have found many ejuice makers use a hell of a lot of sweetener in their juices especially US based ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    Seriously get into rebuildables , you will never go back
    I've just started researching into it. Whats the biggest advantage of rebuildables? Cost wise? And where do you normally buy your resources from??

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronnx View Post
    I've just started researching into it. Whats the biggest advantage of rebuildables? Cost wise? And where do you normally buy your resources from??
    The main adv of diy is cost and setting a rda/rdta up to how you want it to vape not how the manufacturer thinks it should. Eg how many wraps resistance , coil diameter,what kind of wire you use. And how much cotton u use and what brand you prefer.
    When it comes to diy juice cost and preferences also come into play. But im only just beginning on that part of my journey so except for having abit of fun doing it i dont have much more input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronnx View Post
    I've just started researching into it. Whats the biggest advantage of rebuildables? Cost wise? And where do you normally buy your resources from??
    Cost is 1 benefit. And the other is to tune in your own vape instead of sticking to pre built resistances etc.
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