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Thread: N00b seeking DTL starter kit, AIO if possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by stylemessiah View Post
    I'd contribute something, most likely my hatred of Kagertech or Joyetech, but Fab's stuffed that up by being in here and it will just be a donnybrook between the two of us

    I assume you're safely ensconced in the Woomba there Fab, hope Fergus is settling in....

    Oh wait, ive got something actually constructive...


    Can i suggest you please add your location to your profile (its a condition of partaking in the classifieds section, plus i usually want to judge whether im close enough to adversely affect you with my weirdness in real life....note: i am not a stalker, because Ducky told me i simply cant be because i dont have facebook)

    Adding your location has the following benefits:

    When asking for advice about anything, your location may help members:

    * point you to your closest bricks and mortars store (in states that allow them)
    * offer to help by meeting if theyre close and letting you try some gear and share some knowledge on using yours
    * possibly send you some gear to try or possibly keep (known as a PIF - Pay It Forward)
    * point you to a vape meet - they happen occasionally, and you'll get up close and wide amounts of knowledge in the flesh, and if youre super lucky get to meet me and Crispin...

    Its also a requirement if you wish to buy or sell something on our classifieds

    To add your location to your profile:

    Via web browser -

    * Click the Settings link at the top right of the page
    * Click Edit Profile in the mid lower left frame of the following page
    * Scroll to almost the bottom of the following page and add your location in the Location box and click the Save Changes button

    Via Tapatalk on mobile -

    Follow the recommendations here:

    Location in profile!
    Oh whoops, thought I'd done that already. Think I've fixed it now - let me know if it's still not visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schtoo View Post
    Oh no, go right ahead. I've got your back on Joyetech at the very least. Kanger is a bit of a 'meh' in my book as well.

    Seriously, for the new vapist there is no 'brand' of gear I can think of that beat Eleaf regardless of what said vapist wants to start out on. No need for even the latest and greatest, unless you count their greatest hits.

    It's also the one brand I never really baulk at buying if something they make tickles my fancy, or anywhere else for that matter. I know it's not going to be a world beater, but I do know it's going to work like it says on the can and it's very likely going to be reliable*.

    (*some have had problems with Eleaf products. Keep in mind some people can also burn water, never learned righty-tighty lefty-loosey and are damned lucky to have the all important opposable thumb otherwise we'd lock them in the zoo. Take that as you will, but some folks have trouble with stuff and it's often self inflicted.)

    So here's what you do, as a new vapist looking for something that'll work, you won't easily out grow and if you happen to upgrade in the future you won't feel guilty passing on to someone new.

    Go buy a Pico/Melo III kit. If you want to DTL, buy some 0.3 ohm ECL coils (tank comes with one). If you want something closer to a cigarette to start, buy some 0.75 ohm ECML coils. Get some 18650 batteries (at least 2) and preferably something to charge those batteries. There are other coils available from Eleaf and coils from heaps of other manufacturers that will also work with the Melo III tank, with varying degrees of success.

    You're all set hardware wise. Fill up the tank, make sure the coil is wetted out (fill it and leave it for 10 minutes), set the Pico to wattage mode, 25-30W for the ECL coils, 15-20W for the ECML coils, and toot away. From there, you can up or down the wattage, try temperature control mode (Stainless Steel) and it'll work. Keep the tank filled, change the battery as needed, change the coil when the flavour drops off and/or the coil looks excessively gunky. Rinse, repeat.

    Once you've used the Pico/Melo III for a time, you may (or may not) decide you want something better or different but at least you'll have that reliable and predictable doohickey to fall back on. It's small, portable and comes in a few different colours. It's not classy or chic, but it works.

    Speaking only for myself, if I had to get rid of most of my vapist gear for no particular reason I'd make sure I kept my Pico and Melo III and a box of coils and be quite sure I'd not have to worry about it pooping it's pants. If that did actually happen, I could have a replacement in very short order. I'd miss some of the stuff I do have, but this humble setup is always in rotation because I can trust it to work without phaffing about.

    Take all other suggestions on board by all means. Still doesn't change the simple fact that the Pico and Melo are simple, they work and are widely available because they are simple, they do work and they are (or should be) modestly priced.

    The less faffing, the better - partner is very anti-faffing. Will check them out, cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LustStarrr View Post
    The less faffing, the better - partner is very anti-faffing. Will check them out, cheers.

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    Pico 75w was my first daily beater that lasted well over 7 months before it got passed onto someone else. Its now 15 months old still going strong. Only thing it has needed is a bit of a tighten down of a couple of loose screws but except for that its still perfect except for the battery cover that i wore through the plating on top.
    If any newbie asked me what mod to buy thats what i would point them to.

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