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Thread: Need HELP deciding which Ecig to buy!

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    Need HELP deciding which Ecig to buy!

    Ok.. well I'm possibly about to go through asking the same questions most new people ask about vaping..and u guessed it..I want an ecig that looks like a real cigarette. Or as close to it as I can get.

    I've been looking at these for a while. But I'm still confused by a lot of it. I hadn't even heard of ecigs until about 3 weeks ago. I'm onto day 14 of not smoking and using patches and the inhaler when I feel I need it. But I think I'd still like to find a decent ecig for the times I feel really tempted + there is still part of me that wants to smoke..but without doing all that damage to myself from real cigs.
    A couple of weeks ago I ordered just a disposable ecig from Electronic Cigarettes Australia Pty Ltd (Ecigs) and I was quite happy with it.. tho it was bigger than a normal smoke..I was fairly happy with how it I could feel the vapour being inhaled. I don't think they have them on their site yet. It's only that I rang them I found out about it to try before buying a kit.
    I ended up ordering a starter kit of an ecig that was pretty much the same size as a real cigarette from a different company (BAD MOVE).. and when I received it..I wasn't happy with it at all. It was crap compared to the disposable I tried. Produced almost no vapour, had to suck on it really hard for it to semi work, and their flavours were terrible and leaked each time I would drag from it. I emailed the company and complained and they offered me a refund..which I just got yesterday. I wanted to make sure I got my $85 back before spending more money on something that might possibly turn out to be just a crap.

    So.. I've been hearing about these JOYE 510 things.. and I'm wanting some advice on it or any other product that u think might be helpful. I know people are prob going to tell me to get a bigger battery or a different apparently most people end up getting a bigger one eventually. But I still would like to try a decent one that is smaller. I don't go out much. I pretty much live at my computer. So if the battery doesn't last as long..that's ok. And I could always buy more spare batteries right?
    I'm worried about spending a lot of money on another model..just incase it's like that last thing I bought. I was originally going to just buy a battery, cartomiser and charger from that site..but I'm still worried I won't be happy with it..and they're quite expensive.
    During the last couple of years of my smoking, I was a fairly light maybe the smaller models would be ok for me anyway? Sooo confused.

    Does anyone know what the difference between the JOYE 510 and the JOYE 510 T models are? Is there a difference in their size? Which batteries are better.. the manual or auto?
    Where can I just get decent cartomisers for this to try? Cause I'm confused by all the eliquid and refilling stuff atm. I just don't want anything to fiddly for now. And which site would u recommend to be the best? I also was thinking I would not buy the ones with nicotine in it.
    ANY advice on this would be greatly appreciated...
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    One thing i am sure of is someone will offer you some help. I am still trying not to have my blonde moments when it comes to vaping so I shall shush when it comes to advice lol. Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your stay :-)
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    Hi Nayomee77 and welcome here,

    I have 2 of these kits and they are still going strong after 6 months. Check out the video at the bottom of the page. They are a local supplier and delivery is quick. They look like cigarettes if that is what you want to start off with.
    You can get some flavours here too and plain PG and plain VG if you want to start off with no nicotine.
    I honestly believe it will be a lot cheaper to import some nicotine and put a little in your ecig and then you would not have to pay for patches

    JuiceWhore Starter Kits - JuiceWhore 510 Starter Kit - JuiceWhore E-Liquid E-Juice

    Best of luck and keep asking questions here.
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    Hi Nayomee77.....first off the 510 and the 510-t.....the t stands for the 510-t is a tank system.....3 piece cig-a-like e-cig.......battery, atomizer, and tank....I started on 1 of these...great vapor production, they are a little messy when you fill them until you get use to them though, most Aussie vendors have these in stock as a starter kit, JuiceWhore Starter Kits - JuiceWhore E-Liquid E-Juice the battery life on these is fairly poor though(I was getting about an hour to an hour and a half ) the other thing you could look at is a Starter pack from Vapebar- eCig Starter Kits Personally I would look at the Vapebar Ultimate Starter Pack Vapebar Ultimate Starter Kit - Vapebar or perhaps an eGo-T 650mah Starter pack, if you really want a 510 size kit then maybe look at a 510 pass thru for when you are at your pc.......these use the power from your computer via a USB cord rather than your battery...........other than that you could search the forums for threads about new vapers starter kits(there are a few)check them out in here--------> New Vapers Forum
    good luck and keep us posted
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    Hi nayomee, welcome to AVF, plenty of great information about what you've asked in this thread here Noob looking at starter kit cheers!
    This will save folks rehashing information. Welcome to the world of vaping!



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