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    Back again - need help.

    Hi everyone,

    Back again after a long absence. giving vaping another try but not having much luck.

    Bought 2 Smok G150 kits. Love the tanks it comes with both mods died within 2 months. One completely died and the other one has a faulty up/down button which simply stopped working.

    As I am on a very limited budget I am looking for the following and would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get:

    * looking for a mod with a decent size internal battery that will do a good job. Something simple to use that will work fine with these Big Baby tanks which I want to continue to use unless someone can point me into a direction of an easy to use tank that is substantially better and that doesn’t require me to build coils.

    * a good solid 18650 mod that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    * batteries for said mod. No idea where people buy those these days and what kind is popular and reliable and safe these days.

    Thanks in advance. Been doing really well and almost completely quit and now my hardware let me down. Want to give this a good go before I become disheartened again.

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    G'day HPizza. Did you buy the mods new? Return them if so, there are cheap mods around these days though, the Eleaf Pico is very popular and quite affordable. Try looking here if you want an Aussie vendor and in that case get the batts with the mod.
    Or.....This AVF joint is a shadow of its former glory, the moderators & most of the others have set up here Home | vaping in australia
    Awwww! Stuff it all!

    Smokeless from 10/02/15 Thanks immensely to AVFers old guard!
    Heaps of stuff in high rotation



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