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Thread: Mixing & matching is kind of fun...

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    Mixing & matching is kind of fun...

    Probably fluked it, but today decided to mix a couple of flavours I thought might go well together, (one had been a tad too strong, so I thought I would mix it up with a bit of vanilla & another flavour that I liked the nuttiness of) plus added a bit more VG for sweetness, but then because the juice was a bit thick, & didn't really want to add more nicotine juice, I actually added 3 or 4 drops of water (must admit, though, I held my breath while I did it as I thought I was breaking all the cardinal rules) -

    ...but...I'm so excited, it turned out perfectly, it had the flavour, it had the throat hit, it had the vapour...PLUS it didn't leave me with the dry feeling I've been having.
    Problem is - I'll probably never be able to fluke the same mix again, but it has made me feel a lot more confident about just going for it & getting a bit adventurous.

    It made me think "I can break away from hard & fast rules- other people's recipes, as good as a resource as they are- but just rely on my own tastebuds & go for what my instincts tell me. Like so many people have advised here, & I never really took it on board until today, just go for it, try it & see, because obviously everyone is different. Previously I was stressing about whether I added 16 drops instead of 15 drops I had ruined everything.

    (only talking about flavours here, not advice about hardware etc which is always invaluable to us newbies .Its just that flavours seem to be so subjective, & its a nice feeling to know that you can just invent your own wheel )
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    Was it just tap water, or distilled water?

    I haven't got any distilled water laying around and was considering putting a few drops of tap water into my mix because it looks thick, but wasn't to sure if I would mess it up

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    Vodka ... to thin down thick VG Ok, water if you must. Distilled / demineralised is best, but tap water is ok.

    There aren't many hard and fast rules especially when it comes to taste, everybody's different



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