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Thread: I can't afford to give up analogues

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    I can't afford to give up analogues

    Hi all,
    knew this would happen - received my ego-c 1000mah with a spare complete ego-c today as most would know due to my burning issue, took some advice and rested the clearomiser. Then she who must be obeyed (rainbow4006) stated she would like to try it out - only problem is she has been off nic for five months and only juice i have is nic based except for one Joytech I ordered with the kit. But no, I'll try the waffle and maple syrup with 24mg nic (admittedly she didn't want nic) - "ooohhhh that flavour is gorgeous, really like that, so much better than my shitty Westfield bought thingy". Yes, 5 mins later I'm filling a new disposable tank supplied with the ego with the non nic juice and she has my spare ego-c. Needless to say back on the interwebs for another ego-c deluxe kit from Vapebar with juice and extras of course. On the good side, absolutely love vaping and i'm positive it will replace anologues within a few days, went outside lit up my 6mg winfield and couldnt feel it at all at first, then the smell hit me (remember this is only 4 hours after getting home and usually I have had four or so analogues by then) and stubbed it out halfway through and went back inside and vaped a couple of hits and all was good. So far I'm 80 percent sure this will get me off the analogues and i'm giving myself some leeway percentage wise lol.
    ps a big thank you to all on this forum for all the help and guidance in the past few days and into the future.
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    SWMBO needs to get her own gear I think

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    wooohooo way to go targaboy. Now let's see how calm you are if you get a provari and she nabs it noooooooooooo not the vari............anything but the vari......
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockmoose View Post
    Is Ingrid the only one who thinks my penis looks slightly vaginal?

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    Mate , so glad your vaping journey is going so well , I think the only thing anyone would ever ask for is that you pass along to others , what the old hands so freely pass along themselves on this forum.

    Although I am relatively new to AVF , I have been around the vaping world for a few years , and I truly dont think there is another community out there like this one ... a great sense of comraderie , some irreverence , and no-one really on a soapbox determined its their way or no way

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else on here , you have made me feel like part of the furniture already !

    I can only wish that both you and rainbow enjoy your journey , your discoveries , and the spirit of this community .

    I am not usually a sentimental old fool , but its a great place to kick off your boots and relax in

    ( oh and I think your 80% leeway figure is crap lol ... you will go 100% I am pretty sure of that ... you both have the bug )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatman View Post
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else on here , you have made me feel like part of the furniture already !

    * Puts feet up on Fatman & uses as a footstool*

    Congrats on your quick realisation that analogues are so disgusting & not needed when you Vape, many don't realise until weeks or months later.
    I suggest trying some Boge LR cartos & maybe a few other different types of cartos, so you can tailor your vaping to your own personal preferences better, you may find you like Boges & your wife likes the Stardusts or vice versa or neither LOL
    Whatever you choose I am sure it wont be a winfield!
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    Vaping works.

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