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Thread: Tanks - Whats the difference?

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    Tanks - Whats the difference?

    There seems to be a huge difference in the price of tanks, and i'm hoping the experts can give us noobs a little insight into the tank world.

    I have bought 2 types of tanks so far and i'm having more success with the cheap one.

    Here is what i purchased:
    6ML Colored Tube for 510 DCT (polypropylene) ($5.60)
    Siam Mods Pyrex Glass Tanks ($11.95) + Delrin End Caps - Pair ($14.95) -(i thought the stainless steal end caps were way too expensive at $24.95)

    I also got a cone so they fit nicely on my egos.

    I'm using boges cartos which i punch myself. From what i can tell there is no difference in flavour but i've noticed the cheapo DCT fits nice and tight where as the Siam slips around a fair bit. I actually left it standing overnight and in the morning a fair bit of juice had leaked out down the battery onto the table. The DCT doesnt move around at all.

    Looking at others, i could be paying $30-40 for a liquinator but if the cheapo DCT tank works so well why should I be buy something more expensive?
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    "if the cheapo DCT tank works so well why should I be buy something more expensive? "

    You are answering your own question already mate . What works for you is the right one for you.

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    just build quality, how it looks and easy of use. I've had no luck with the DCT's so i use others. If its working for u its a good thing stick with it.
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    Often its just about looks for the more expensive ones, although the glass tanks wont crack if you use those sort of juices.

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    Having used all three different types, there really is no difference except build quality.

    The DCT's are quite good, but so are the liquinator tanks, and have had no issues with my pyrex siam mods with titanium end caps.

    The titanium end caps seem to be more resistant to scratches compared to the aluminium on the liquinator.

    The liquinator seems to grab the carto's a lil better than the three, followed by the siam mods and then the dct (delrin capped one).

    Flavour will all be the same, the only difference in flavour should be how big you punch the holes/slots and how many you have... (i seem to find a fuller flavour with more holes).

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    Have a look at the J-Tank from electronicstix, about $27 and fit boge 510 cartos
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    I can't really speak for other tanks, but I have to say that the SS liquinator from vapebar is definitely worth its money. It works perfectly, quite durable, and I've never had a leaking issue. Also, I can't think of anything that looks nicer on on a provari than a SS liquinator, except for the Z-atty pro which I have my eye on at the moment.

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    All a tank does is hold juice, flavor will depend on what volts you are vaping at & the carto being used(not a lot of difference for some).
    If the DCT is working better than stick to it, had mine for a few months now & not having any problems with the 3 DCTs I have. Honestly I can't see the point in buying a more expensive tank other than possibly a pyrex tank for juices that like to crack tanks.

    If your tank is leaking like you say, then you probably need different inner o-rings, ones that are maybe a bit thicker would be better most likely. Quick trip to bunnings with one of the o-rings taken out of the end cap to compare should get you what you need.
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    I have personally tried a few tanks and learnt the hard way. I have sold everything else and stuck with the Liquinators from Vapebar, I now have 3 of them.
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    This is the best carto tank ive used.
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