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Thread: Melbournite noob

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    Melbournite noob

    Hey all!

    New here and new to e-cigs. Still deciding on what to purchase. Vaping with a $10 knockoff at the moment while I make my decision.

    I'm looking at getting the most reliable and refillable e-cig that looks like a real cigarette. My research so far tells me the Volt is my best option so far. Any and all recommendations are more than welcome.

    I'm also liking the look at specs of the ego twist as a cigar type hold and feel, as a second option.

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    5,466 ego c 2 650 mah batteries, ego charger, and stardust low resistance clearomisers, and some premixed nic at 12mg, and 18mg in the flavour you want
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    Welcome Jad ... check out the new members forum , there is a wealth of info there , a recurring theme you will hear tho , is to ditch the look alikes LOL
    As Mick pointed out above , you are gonna have a far better and less frustrating jouney on the ego/clearomiser route
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    welcome Jad, everyone that looks into vaping wants something that has good batt life, gives lots of vapor, and looks like a normal smoke... you will get the first two but not out of anything that looks like a normal smoke.

    look around then hit us up with your thoughts
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    Lol, it's so funny watching people take the same journey I did. When everyone start's we all want something as close to a cigarette as possible but......

    You'll soon realise they don't work well and you'll want something better. I went through a few different types before I settled on a vivi nova type tank on an ego twist. Now I'm eagerly trying to hunt down a good genesis type atomiser like the cobra. People can give you suggestions but the only real way is to suck it and see :P

    Let the (expensive and addicting) journey begin
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    My suggestion, from someone who never cared if it looked like a real cig or not..

    Get something that looks like a cig using a 510 connector that you can vape where you are feeling a bit self-concious (which you may or may not do) and get something like an eGo Twist battery that you can use when you are at home etc and the looks don't matter. That way you can have something that you can use in public but have the backup/convenience of good battery life when you are on your own.
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    gday Jad , dont overlook these bang for buck batterys
    SLB eGo-V - 3.0v-6.0v VV eGo batteries with LCD display and some boges in LR & Regular resistance ... all the best what eva way ya go many choices an reccomendations can be confusing at first
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    Welcome to the nuthouse jad

    I'm pretty certain most of us started with a "cig a like".... for probably the same reasons as you.

    If you choose to go down that path, that's ok, and if it works for you that's even better

    My personal pain free advice would be to skip that step, and go straight to the next one - an ego-c (twist or not) and a stardust, which in my humble opinion is the best newbie set up.

    Which ever way you choose to go, remember there is tons of advice to be found here and no stupid questions
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    I'm one of the smart few that didn't go down the cigalike path & went straight onto Riva 1100mah batts.
    If you are a medium to heavy smoker, then get an eGo or Riva type batt starter kit with at least 1000mah batts. One batt should last you all day vaping, recharge one use the other.
    Nothing will send you back to the smokes faster than a poorly performing e-cig that gives a lousy vape. Get something that works properly right off the bat & forget about looks.
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    Get this - VK TWISTAR Kit


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