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Thread: Intro and Question on Aussie vendors selling genesis attys

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    Intro and Question on Aussie vendors selling genesis attys

    Hi AVF,

    My name's marty, I'm from Sydney. I've been vaping for most of the year. I own a couple of Provaris (1 mini, 1 reg provari) and a some eGos, but my main vaping setup is a Provari and Carto Tank with a Boge or Smoktech carto inside. I'm pretty much into vaping by now, but I'm keen on getting into the Genesis styled atomisers, and need to ask a few questions mainly on the details such as what thickness wire is best to use, and which gauge SS mesh should be used. I've been watching a few youtube videos but still very much in learners mode.

    I've got my mind set on a Z-Atty-Pro, although it is a little out of my price range for now and seems to be unavailable for most of the time. I've noticed that there might be some cheap ones coming in from China, and a couple of US vendors are selling them cheap. I think I'd prefer to try it out on some cheap ones before spending big bucks on a real HoH atty.

    Has anyone tried the China Atty's and how good are they compared to HoH attys?
    And does anyone know if any Aussie vendors will be selling the cheap genesis attys in the near future?

    Cheers for the help

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    Hi Marty,


    Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. I don't think there is anything like the ZAP or Bliss, or g-bell etc. from China at the mo, but they are always copying quickly so I am sure it won't be long.
    There are plenty of guys on here who keep an eye on everything and I am sure one of them will chip in and help.

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    We did a co-op and bought the DiD copy from China. I got two, one of them was missing a piece, but both of mine work quite well.

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    getting what you paid for ..

    DID copy $15
    DID ?? must be 5 or 6 times the price at least ..

    where does that extra cost show itself.
    better steel, know of one that has bent thread.
    better QC .. know of one with missing parts.
    profit !
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    I think ecigmods shop are selling a $29 cheap silica based rebuildable that may be worth a go. No one in Aust sells mesh based yet to my knowledge, but they wont be far off.

    I would keep an eye on the for sale section and buy a cheaper legit standard DID or something - they are dropping in price with all the cheaper imports - say $80ish. Otherwise you can buy a cheaper DID type knockoff from overseas vendors probably cost you around $45 shipped. But for an extra $35 I would get the legit copy, no need to mod air intakes, and posts are nice and close together, you know the materials are safe, but others with the cheap knockoffs may chime in, as I think on the whole they are reasonably happy with them, after the odd mod to them

    Really all the name brand genesis atomisers work well, all have some minor pro's and cons. In the end I buy based on how airey I like the draw and the size and look off the genesis. I prefer short stumpy genesis atomisers with see through tanks, but no right or wrong. I also prefer air intake holes of 1.2mm. For me its a balance of extra vapour without being too airey a draw. The smaller the hole and top cap, the tighter the draw and warmer the vape with some compromise on vapour production, but the differences are not earth shattering

    I actually have a Zen Pro on the way, but believe they are a very airey draw. I think it may well be too airey for me, but as i havent had a zen yet will give it ago just for the hell of it. Dont get too caught up in the name brand/fan boy hype, now adays many of the genesis mod makers are producing good stuff, I have had over 10 different types and they all have worked well. A year ago it was a different story.

    I did a little review of mine as i got them in, and as you will see the difference between them is quite subjective

    Genesis Reviews
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