Sorry for the delays opening everyone. I have had issues with my cart system, and I would not dare to release something that I wasn't 100% confident with.

To cut a long story short, the image upload module was broken - the only way I could seem to fix it was a complete backend upgrade, which means I have to re-customize a lot of the page to get it functional again.

I will be opening with great prices for those who get in early. Mainly genuine Smoktech, Joyetech & Boge products will be available initially, with my own small line of e-liquid.

I will be running competitions and contests when I open to show my appreciation to everyone, open to Australian Residents only.

I thank you all for your patience, I have been working some long hours to get this site working so I'm confident with it. There was clearly more work involved than I initially had planned for.

I had hoped to be open last Monday but I wouldn't dare open a 90% done site. So I'm back almost at square one - the good news is, I learnt to install the cart software/ modules and do all the customizations this time. Expect great features on this website, hopefully more than any other has to offer - affiliate systems, reward points, etc. Expect great things!

Again sorry about the delay. Check in soon for prize giveaways, great opening month discounts & much much more!

In the mean time, you can still check out and check out the new funky template & styles along with the new version of OpenCart which powers it. I was running an ancient version before so I'm glad to be up to the (second) latest version which has a lot more features, stability and functionality.