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    Genuine Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizer

    I ordered 5 "Genuine Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizers" from OzVape and was very pleased with the superfast delivery time.
    The tems were delivered in a 500g express post satchel.The $12.00 delivery cost was offset by the 10% discount code which brought the postage cost down closer to the $9.00 (approx) actual cost of the satchel.
    Previously I have been using the Vision eGo clearomizers from Health Cabin
    Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizer(2.4/2.9ohm)
    and found their product to be excellent.
    The Health Cabin ones are a little smaller than the ones I recieved and straight out of the box worked perfectly with a near "silent" smooth vape.
    The first one I used from OzVape also worked perfectly... smooth even vape and pretty silent.
    The next one however did nothing but gurgle,crackle and hiss which was quite disappointing .. so I tested the others and all up three of them had the gurgling, crackling sound.
    I persisted with testing them and most of them came right after a while however only two of them are near silent and dont make any weird noises of them still crackles and gurgles pretty badly.
    Does anyone know how to fix this issue or avoid it happening .. I found that the mouth piece had to be screwed on pretty tight to avoid leakage and this fixed up a couple of the clearomisers.
    After doing some research I found this article Review: eCigFair MicroCig Reviews
    Now after reading this it appears that the OzVape "Genuine Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizers" are more like the CE4s described in the article ie slightly bigger than the Stardusts ..
    Is this correct or am I missing something ..
    As the referenced article states ..when they work well they are excellent but noisy clearomizers take away my vaping enjoyment.
    I would appreciate any comments or advice as the OzVape product is well priced and available as opposed to the "other" Vision eGo which appears to be in short supply unless you want a brightly coloured one and dont want to pay $7.00 each ..

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    whoops i didnt see we were in the ozvape section (sorry)
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    thanks .. i just found the vapeking ones a short while ago and ordered some black ones ..

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    Hi, and correct I have noticed they are different from the Health Cabin ones. I have found about 1 in 10 cause issues,

    You'll notice they are slightly taller than the HC ones & screw onto the ego a bit better, providing better draw. I find these have a cleaner taste as well & don't suffer from the center pin issues that the HC brand ones had - I got one 'DOA' which I had to fiddle with the pin to get it to fire. The worst that I've found happens to these ones is the bottom corrodes a little bit, and you need to wipe it clean with a tissue, then it works fine again.

    Of course, if you had any 'DOA' units please let me know ASAP and I am happy to fix those up, I have found the performance on these can also heavily rely on the juice you are using. Were you using the same juice in all of them ?

    PS: I will have the V2's come in in approx 2 weeks, they will be a slightly higher price but I will still keep it as low as possible,

    I am sorry for the confusion, I need to rename these on my website as I only noticed last night that they were different products when I stood it side by side with my HC one and noticed the size difference.

    If any customers have an issue with the product they have received, you are free to ship back to me (at my expense) and I will provide a full refund,



    (OzVape Team)
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