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    My vaping thoughts: 510 Tank and Reo Grande

    I’ve been happily vaping since 22 January with no analogues in that time and no regrets. I possibly overestimated the savings, but given discussion here, it looks as though I’m not Robinson Crusoe on that one - the $$ are just ‘redirected’ in a healthier and more fun way, I guess.

    I must confess that I am a forum-lurker and I owe much to the members of AussieVapers for what I’ve found to be a most excellent and enjoyable hobby. As thanks, and for what it is worth, I’ve put together some thoughts from my vaping journey to date.

    eGo Tank
    I love the eGo Tank – when it works. Perhaps that should read “I love the concept of the eGo Tank”. Unfortunately, the failure rate with leakages, diminished flavour and PITA cleaning with mixed results, my Tank atties are now in a pile of ‘used a couple of times’ and ‘needing repair/thorough cleaning’. It was my frustration with the eGo Tank that has lead me to my current PVs of choice – the 510 Tank and the Reo Grande.

    510 Tank
    Firstly, I refer to the ‘true’ tank, and not the cartridge that you stick in a normal 510 atty that calls itself a tank. Refer to my post on that one. (

    The 510 Tank has delivered pretty consistently what the eGo Tank promised, with the one exception: a reduced tank size. Anyway, a smaller tank is not necessarily a bad thing as it slows down the chain vaping and I like chop’n’changing flavours.

    All is not wasted with the eGos, though: the eGo batteries are great for the LR 510 Tank atties, and with a matching cone over the atty, it doesn’t look too bad. A tank will last me about ˝ hour medium/heavy vaping – about the time it takes me to get home after work. Flavour is great, consistent and vapour production beaut, too. I’d recommend an eGo USB passthrough battery, cone and LR 510 Tank atty to a serious beginner. A black cartridge, with a little clear window, would make this almost perfect for my all-black e-cigar. ::1337::

    Reo Grande
    Secondly, the Reo Grande… a lot has already been written, and there are Reonauts everywhere that will attest to the brilliance and simplicity of these not-so-little beasts and, well, it is well deserved. For comparison, I’m using a LR atty with the standard 3.7V 18650 battery.

    It does take some skill and practice to get that middle ground between flooded atty (mouthfuls of juice, anyone?) and the dry/burnt atty flavour. Once that has been mastered – and I don’t think I have quite got it yet – it truly dominates. An all day vaping machine, my preferred kit when at home but not so much for out and about.
    It sits too heavily in a top pocket and I’m too nervous to put it in my trouser pocket in case the atty snaps off – irrational? Dunno, don’t want to find out. Plus, there is a need to keep it upright, as I have had juice leak from the catch-cup when it has tipped over. Did I mention I sometimes flood it?

    I know there is heaps more to learn but I’ve reached my happy medium for now and I haven’t even been bitten by the Provari bug! (

    The combo of the LR 510 Tank (with a small selection of juices) makes for a great day-kit and the Reo Grande with a LR 510 atty and some of Del’s absolutely brilliant juices is something well worth coming home to; vaping away while talking with the better half/kids, watching TV or while mucking about on the PC. Living the dream, eh?

    Keep up the good work all and happy vaping.
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    Thanks for you toughts on the equipment nutrat.

    Agree with you on the tank, like the idea but keep getting dodgy tanks that put me off recommending them to friends. Gave a complete kit to my brother a couple of weeks ago and he went from loving vaping to giving it away in 3 days because all his tanks started leaking. Don't use them myself as i have many other mods.

    I have a Reo Grand and 2 Reo Mini's. Its funny, I was worried that when i got the grand that it would replace my reo mini's for out and about, but I actually still grab the reo mini's more often than not. They are both great mods, you can use the Grand out and about but I agree with you Nutrat it is pushing the limit in terms of size & weight, for me anyway. My VV woody is actually bigger but the Grand is almost twice as heavy, and must be close to the weight of the Provari.

    Although the Reo mini's are about half the size, on the flip side you need to carry an extra battery and juice bottle, to get you through a full day, which you don't have to do with the Grand. Pros and cons either way.

    Happy vaping to you to.
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    Nice write up nut

    I'd agree 510 Tanks are much more reliable and a better flavour than the ego-T, they are both dimished tho

    You dont really *need* an extra juice bottle with a reo mini.... I usually carry some spare in case i need a top up... but 3ml can be plenty of juice depending how you vape (and how tasty your juice is )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sik View Post
    You dont really *need* an extra juice bottle with a reo mini.... I usually carry some spare in case i need a top up... but 3ml can be plenty of juice depending how you vape (and how tasty your juice is )
    Reo mini... hmmm... must resist.

    Maybe after the tax return.



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