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    brief noego thoughts

    ok ordered a 18650 noego and a 14500 noego, not got a lot to say on the 14500 so far, it works, will talk about that later.

    Ok .. the 18650 one .. I was a bit disapointed in the bulk originally, its very light and feels a bit flimsy, this is coming straight off a provari though so I would put the build weight at a bit less than an ego battery really.
    Its quite a thin aluminium shell, threads look a bit fine for long term use. total weight with an IMR 18650 fitted with cone, 510-510 extender,306 atty and drip tip .. 98g.
    So I put a battery in it, switch flashed then nothing .. hmm, unscrewed and reinserted, we now have life when we press the button.
    I bought this to use with 306LR as the provari is not great at LR and this thing should be, and it was .. till it rolled off the table, onto a chair and then onto the floor while I was trying to do a video, I have the whole thing on tape, there is swearing..

    afterwards, nothing .. hmm, unscrewed, rescrewed .. life of a sort, led would flash but not fire. Had a quick look inside and the inner section appears to be held in with a big washer pushed into the aluminium, this was askew, pushed with finger and it straightened up. reattached battery and it would fire intermittently .. grr, starting to be not overly impressed.

    ok, hammer time, popped out centre battery pin, came out with wire attached leaving a nice hole to poke a screw driver and pry out the washer, took some force as it would come out easier if you didnt skew it, its quite a thick washer.

    So I got washer out and in doing so managed to pull both wires off the pcb .. doh!.
    The negative wire is soldered to the back of this 'washer' the positive was still attached to the pin going thru the hole. a small amount of frigging and the black wire broke off the washer too, i now have 3 broken joints on 2 wires .. extra doh!

    So I half pulled out the electronics and resoldered both wires, pushed washer back in with the help of a small vice.

    Thing works like a demon now, I have had no more no firing at all.
    I think .. not 100% sure that maybe the washer was not making good contact with the case of the ecig, this would be just the negative terminal for the electronics, the negative to the atty would still be intact. Could explain why the thing was firing intermittently, it would change if I poked the washer. I think maybe the washer is glued in originally.

    anyway, its working now and its working great.
    Just finished my first 18650 (IMR) on this thing on a 1.4Ω cisco 306LR, video is on youtube. nelly sent me a 306LR freebie and bought my soul, i;m cheap. In all honesty its a great atty anyway

    A few tests I did before I pulled it to bits, no loaded output 4.25v, loaded 1.5Ω 3.85V out. So it appears to be a straight battery voltage output mod, ecf posts say its regulated, i say its not and I am glad its not.

    I bought this thing to use dual coils and 306LR's in a way the provari will not. Simply thrash em.

    Other thoughts, I bought this also as a travelling mod, its not, the switch is very touchy, small silicon plug over a tactile switch. It fires far to easily in pocket for my liking. The switch silicon can be easily pulled out however and shaved to reduce its height, I will make a different switch plug for it later that will sit closer to flush when fully depressed.

    what else ..
    putting a 510-ego adapter on it allows you to use an ego cone, the cone it comes with is larger but will not quite fit over the ego cone. It will fit over the adapter though.
    adding (as seen in video) the 510-510 adapters allow a 306 drip tip to protrude nicely through the cone it comes with.

    led flashes on low battery and the device shuts off .. just pulled the battery and it was at 3.58V after shut off, so its certainly not over discharging them. I got an impressive amount of use out of a single IMR though, pretty much 2 days.

    will have to see how it stands the test of time, its pretty much rebuildable though with a few tools in case of an emergency. Its been relegated to around the house at the moment simply due to a lack of a swich guard.

    all in all .. $30 I think it was, it worth that if only someone would sell them locally. A great mod to have in the collection for those pesky dual coils .. at least till something more robust comes out.

    In order of useful: Provari V2 and V1, vamo, eGo twist, Katana v3, Hex, Orion v2, LavaTube, eGo x 6, VMAX, 510N, Tick V2, Tick V1, noEgo 18650, noEgo 14650 , Indulgence x 2, 905 6v mod, KR808D

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    Nice write up man.
    Current Vape: Variable Wattage mod, EPM Boge tanks, Something Fruity

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    The most robust cheap mod is the maxi roughstack v2 from madvapes. Sure the button can start to be uncomfortable after a few hours of straight vaping but it is indestructible I have literally dropped mine on concrete dozens of times and it still works. 18650 Or a couple of cr123's and u can go hv with no probs. Simplicity at its best check one out u won't be disappointed

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