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    Perfumer apprentice concentrates review

    Im doing a quick review on 3 perfumer apprentice concentrates purchased from juice whore. I like Juice whore liquids and obviously these perfumer apprentice flavours arenít a reflection of juice whores own flavours. I rate the flavours from one to 10 with 10 being the best

    Perfumer apprentice DK TAB Ė this has an overpowering floral taste to it. It has absolutely no tobacco qualities and is akin to vaping a bouquet of rotting flowers. No matter what concentration I use it is completely unvapable and is the closest I have come to vomiting off a vape. Stepping for a few weeks make no difference. Overall this is 0 out of 10

    Perfumer apprentice Cinanmon Red Ė this smells like ants or formic acid. Doing some research it would appear that formic acid is used in some food flavours and perfumes. It also says that in high concentrates build up pressures in the bottle when exposed to carbon monoxide. This may explain why my bottle leaked everywhere. My house now smells like a giant ant hill

    As far as taste goes its vapable, it tastes a bit like the hot cinnamon gob stoppers that can be bought from the supermarket. But I feel that while Cinanmon Red and formic acid might work well for ants, it does not work well for vaping - 2 out of 10. Note: this stuff is a serious skin irritant as well and so be aware.

    Perfumer apprentice tobacco blend Ė this tastes OK. Itís quite a mild taste, grassy and a little Smokey, a hint of floral but nothing like the DK TAB . Itís not as complex in flavour say a juice whore blend . I could use this as an all day vape. Not because the flavour is magnificent but rather it works out a lot cheaper than buying pre-made juices. Overall I would give it 4.5 Ė 10. Although this might improve with steping.
    I think ill get some flavour art concentrates a post back in a few weeks with a review for those.

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    I hope you don't mind if I add my thoughts about the perfumers apprentice concentrates that I have tried? If you prefer let me know and I can delete this and start a new thread.

    PA - Pineapple: Pretty good, definitely a candy pineapple flavour, not the flavour of the fruit itself. Its kinda sweet as you would expect, not much tang to it. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10. I mixed at 5 percent and I wouldn't recommend much higher with this flavour.

    PA - Peach: Another in the pretty good basket. I haven't given this one a huge go yet, but its a reasonable peach. A little chemical tasting at 10 percent, next bottle I'll step it down to 5-7%. 5.5 out of 10.

    PA - Cola: Real nice if you like cola. But its more like cola bottles, or flat cola, you know how it's always a little sweeter when its flat? Mixed at 10 percent but would go as low as 7 percent next time. 7 out of 10.

    PA - Mango: Not a fan. Severely lacking in sweetness in my view. Would recommend the addition of a little sweetener if you have it. Its like the mellow part of the mango only, if that makes sense. Maybe I didn't mix it strong enough (10 percent) but I think not. 3 out of 10
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecomrade View Post
    I hope you don't mind if I add my thoughts about the perfumers apprentice concentrates that I have tried?
    Go for it.. m or ethe better

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    Interesting... some of those flavours I was going to order and try.
    Looks like you both saved me a few bucks and a long disappointing wait for postage.



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