Now that I have tried a few different juices, I'll post up my short reviews on each of the flavours from and Totally Wicked.

I'll add more as I work my way through them.

If anyone wants a bit more detail on the reviews let me know, I just jotted down a quick thought on each one I tried. One obvious difference is that the juices from TW have WAY more flavour than the ones. Though considering they were nearly 3 times the price, I guess its understandable!

Totally wicked
Cherry - Much stronger and candy type cherry taste. Eliquid seem to go faster than the ones from Possibly due to PG instead of VG?

Coffee - Taste stonger than e-cig stuff, tastes like coffee lollies. Initially got over it pretty quickly but when I went back to it, I liked it a bit more.
Sample pack
Apple - So far the winner for me, taste is mild but enough to be enjoyable, liquid lasts a long time and Atomiser doesnt gum up very often with this

A more prominent taste (though still mild), liquid is very thick (almost as thick as honey) so atomiser dries out from lack of liquid getting to it fairly frequently.

Light barely there taste, good vapor.

Mild to weak taste, but pleasant, moderate vapor


Very slight taste, liquid is fairly fluid. Did not like the taste of this one, just didnt taste quite 'right'

tastes horrid, bitter and acidic.

Mild taste (a common thing with e-cig), good vapour, liquid is very fluid and plesant to vape. Definately ordering more of this!

Tasted like blackberry flavoured toothpaste, ick.

Decent taste, liquid fluid and good vapour, tastes like lolly bananas. I like it and will probably get more.

Decent and sweet taste, moderate vapour.

Not bad, weak taste, decent vapor.