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    JIB Service Beyond the Call Of Duty

    This week has been a hard and stressful week for me but thanks to Johnnyinbris it has ended very well indeed.

    At this time I own 2 mods , a BB Varicool and a JIB Mini.

    Around a week ago my BB stopped working for the second time and I was thinking of ditching it . I have never dropped it or handled it roughly , Its just a POS IMO , but vapes well when working .

    Then late last week I dropped my JIB on the hard kitchen floor and it was not a lucky landing although it did still work.
    Unfortunately though the 510 connecter was now loosening itself every time I screwed on a carto . This could be the price you pay for having a big heavy carto tank hanging off the end of it and I did drop it from chest height.

    In my mind I was now preparing myself for life without a mod at all , possibly for an extended period. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! back to 3.4 volts on my old Riva's .

    So I contacted Johnnyinbris and explained myself , the JIB how I dropped it and the BB a competitors Mod . He then invited me to pack Both Mods into an overnight bag (NSW/QLD) with another overnight bag for the return and he would fix the JIB and have a look at the BB for me.

    Next day (Wednsday) thats exactly what I did .
    Day after that (Thursday) he received repaired and reposted.
    Friday I received Vaped and started posting.

    When I enquired as to the charge for services rendered I was told not to worry about it "What" I hear you say "but it was your fault you dropped your JIB and the BB was from an oversees vendor" .

    I Know. I hear myself say .

    The repairs were done with expert skill and a surprising alacrity . No messing around .

    I would like to publicly thank Johnnyinbris for going an extra step beyond the call of duty .

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    Nice johnny u truly are a great member of this community

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    Johnny is the man... replaced a charger for me no questions asked

    Johnny if you're reading this you should see the old one on Monday - it's been sitting on my desk all week as i'm a lazy bastard... sorry :P

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    decided to order the 1200 mah yesterday at about 4.30 was here today.thanks john your a champ.
    RIP VP



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