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Thread: Steel Punk Slug.

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    Steel Punk Slug.

    So there are a few reviews out there on the inter webs already, but heres my own opinion...
    In fact to quote one of those reviews "It's made of Brass and Wood, so you know I am just going to love it"

    And I do.

    Was lucky enough to place a WTB in our very own for sale thread and have it answered by Jonny Knocks Kill, and in short order Slug No 065 arrived.....

    First impressions...
    Just beautiful - the grain in the woods is much more pronounced than pictures I have seen on the net suggest, the brass fittings are well made, the engraving is deep - and the whole thing is put together well - no rattles or looseness in any of the parts..

    Feels awesome in the hand, the firing button feels very natural to use - although on this point I have...not a complaint, but an observation - I thought this trigger would give a definite 'Click' - it does not. This is a simple lever that is spring loaded and when pressed simply pushes against the internal copper tube that contains the battery - push softly and no click at all - also it does not travel as far as I was expecting - from off to on is less than 2mm of travel.
    This is not a problem in accidentally firing the mod, as the locking screw prevents any movement at all, and even if left unscrewed, the design is such that it would have a hard time inadvertently being set off in say a pocket - not impossible, but not easy.

    Power is almost instantly available and the whole unit suffers almost zero voltage drop (or so one of the guys in the labs at work tells me when I showed him and he checked it - I dont know about these things, but he says it's an important detail...

    The single 18650 @ 1600mAh certainly runs any atty I have chosen to place on it very well - currently running a Naut and a Naut mini in rotation - though I feel that the mini delivers a better vape.. this may be more to do with the Nauts and not the mod....

    So as you must with every good mod, took it home and took it apart....

    Easy to dissemble, easy to assemble with the only issue for some is the replacement of the spring that holds the trigger in place when unlocked...


    Bloody awesome!
    Solid feel in the hand - you just know this will last years (and from the moment I got it, it has become my daily vape
    For someone with my tastes the aesthetic is unreal - it's like you were going through your grandads shed and found something that he used to vape on..
    Simple to maintain
    It has some class! (IMHO)

    You need to keep the contacts clean - surface oxidization on the internals really seems to have an effect - this could be in my head, but will leave it a while and have it retested just to confirm....that being said, pulling it apart for a good clean is...therapeutic? it feels good to spend time maintaining this thing - a rag, some brasso and a cold beer are a decent way to spend an hour I think
    The trigger - I'm an analyst and spend much of my time at a desk on a keyboard - the pressure required to pull the trigger, and the textured surface of the trigger meant I had sore thumbs for a bit until I became used to the correct pressure and best angle to use when pulling it.... a small thing, and no tradie would mention it, but I noticed it so there you are.
    The locking screw - it is not anchored, so it will come completely out if you continue to unscrew it to release the trigger for use - again not so much a con as the design makes it obvious why this is so, but there are many tales of people who have lost this screw, so something to be aware of.

    All up?
    It works as well as you would expect - much better than a lot of mechs i have used, not as good as others - but the down sides I tend to think of as more 'personality quirks' and really part of the joy of owning one!

    People seem to love it or are indifferent - no out right hate for it as yet - and as you can see below, at my local vape friendly local, it holds it's own!

    (Apologies the image is not sharp - I think the camera had had a few )

    Thats what I think!

    Any questions or comments let me know...


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    Good review Sko and thanks!! I thought it might be good. I have a clone on order to muck about with. I intend to make, or should I say remake the wooden parts with some very rare timber I have just to personalise! Good pic too mate!!!

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    Good review mate. Would like to pick one of these up in the future - something about wood and brass together.
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    Good to see you score one Skoville, this place is great like that sometimes. It looks great, and there is something about wood and brass, they go together so well.

    Enjoy your mod mate.
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    Dark wood with features or grain and brass. Excellent combination,
    Nice write up sir.
    Makes me want to build a few to similar but different design.

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    For those interested a french site actually still has a few in stock:

    From the Steel Punk facebook page, these are genuine and not clones....

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    Great review Skoville!

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    Nice review mate.
    Its great to see someone not just happy but proud to own an original mod as you so obviously are. There is nothing quite like the look of mirror finished brass is there.
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    Nice one. Hey. I saw this in person la little while back. I didn't know he sold it! Didn't expect that. It is very nice.



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