Thanks to Mo from VapourEyes, I got my hands on the Kanger EMOW kit. I've used it for a week, and here's my review.

Kanger EMOW Kit - Vape Banter

Since the reviews on the site are mainly future-purchase based, here's my personal opinion on the product -

The EMOW is a solid unit, the 1.7ml tank capacity was enough for me to last the entire day, and I got 2 days of charge with the battery straight out of the box with a session ever 2-3 hours.

It fits in your palm quite nicely, and looks/feels awesome. I swapped the drip tip around, but the included one is fine.

I've only used 70/30 juices with it, but I've got a 50/50 lined up that I want to try out, as well as some 100% PG / 100% VG mixes.

Didn't have any problems with leaking or gurgling, and out the box it performed beautifully - I'd recommend grabbing one for the arsenal.