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    Question MBV Beefcake, Banana Cream Pie , Gwary4

    Got my mt baker juice today. Mixed impressions.

    Gwar German Chocolate Beefcake

    This is supposed to taste like chocolate cake with a bit of German in the mix. I dont know what Germans taste like.

    It smells like an artificial caramel toffee but when you vape it its a lot different. I cant say i taste any chocolate but it has more emphasis on the cake aspect.

    Overall i would say its a nice mellow vape which i could vape all day but it could use more flavour. Ill try it on another device once ive steeped it.


    Im big into my RY4 ive tried a lot of different types and they all have a distinctive core flavour.

    This one doesnt taste like anything at all. Seriously the flavour is nonexistant. I thought i was vaping 0 flavour juice. Im going to try steeping it to see if it brings out any flavour but if it doesnt im just going to dilute another juice with it.

    Should be renamed to RY4 where are you.

    Banana Cream Pie

    This is supposed to taste like pie ive never ate a banana pie before but i can imagine its a bit like a banana split with pastry.

    Thats just what this taste like. I cant really taste any cream but the banana has a creamy texture compared to the usual fare of artificial banana flavour. On the exhale its an almost magical taste of sweet pastry. Its like someone teleported it into your mouth somehow. Came out of nowhere. Taste pretty much how i would imagine.

    I would buy this one again but next time ill try adding an extra shot of flavour or just using it on a dripper.

    Overall my impressions of the Gwar line so far is a bit indifferent. I would like to see the ability to increase the flavour and for the extra price compared to the standard fare i would expect them to be perfect. The bottles are pretty good but i may be biased because these are my first glass dripper bottles.

    Im going to steep them for a few weeks and if they leave more of an impression the second time around ill reorder. I think this line has been tested on a subohm dripper or maybe need a really long time to steep.

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    Has the steep finished yet ?
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