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Thread: IPV Mini Review

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    IPV Mini Review

    Hi all;

    I was looking for something to use along side my istick and settled upon the IPV. I've been using it for a few days and though I would post a little review of it and some of the things I've noticed.

    Some background:
    I purchased the device from Health Cabin in the silver color. I've been using it with brand new Samsung 25R batteries generally charged by a nitecore i2 charger. In terms of toppers I've been using it with AGA-T5/7 built around 1.5ohm in single and dual coil respectively; a mutation x v1 at 0.7ohm Dual coil, and a IGO-W single coil 1.3ohm. E liquids are a mix of steamers, juicewhore and vapeking juices.

    Build Quality/General Comments

    Overall I would say the build quality is mixed. There are some minor imperfections on the devices overall but I had to look close to find them. The body feels solid and heavy like I could use it as a weapon if needed. Two parts strike me as feeling very cheap however; the bottom cap and the buttons. The bottom cap feels like a soft metal and can be tricky to catch the threads with. I am a bit worried that with use these might start to strip which would be a major issue. So far I haven't had an issue but I can already see the cap scratching. The buttons are plastic and feel cheap compared to the rest of the device.
    The screen is clear but very dim, I cannot tell sometimes if it is even on in the sun. This might be because of a combination of the one-way mirror type cover used in front of it combine with the screen sitting a fair distance from the cover into the device (as can be seen if you open it up). That cover material is also a fingerprint magnet I find which makes the screen even dimmer.

    I really like the connector on this one. My attys thread in smooth as silk and the spring loaded pin works perfectly. The pin does have a slot for a flathead screwdriver but does not appear to be adjustable. The base is a little strange in that it has 4 cuts into that at first I though were air channels but they do not go all the way to the edge of the connector base so they are generally covered by my devices. (Note all of my devices have their own airflow so I can't say if this is an issue).

    This is where I think this device starts to really have some issues.
    When you first start the device you are treated to first the P4Y logo then the IPV mini screen; which takes around 6 seconds. This is way too long in my opinion; 2 seconds would be the max for me to be really happy. The device then goes into stand by so you have to press the fire button before finally getting to the main display so you can use your device. Once there you would figure you just press up or down to alter your wattage; but no. If you first press the up button you start scrolling through the memory settings. You have to press the down button first then you can press the up button to go up. You can autoscroll and it accelerates to a quite fast speed so getting around is fast and easy. The device does not do round robining but I think with the autoscroll speed this is not an issue.
    Now more about those memory modes. I think in general its a great idea but the implementation has some issues. Simply put (as far I as can find by searching the internet) you have to use the memory modes. So lets say you set your 5 memory power settings; but want to use something different. Well when you change it then press the fire button it saves that to the current memory setting. This to me defeats the purpose of memory as I am constanly over writing them when I want to change my wattage. It needs to be something other than the fire button to save the setting so we have a choice.

    As noted the screen dim but in general it is a clear screen that is easy to read. The display is pretty standard DNA influenced layout showing set wattage, calculated voltage, atty resistance and battery charge. Unlike my istick the resistance does not update until you press the first button which is a minor thing but took me a minute to realize it. I've found the resistance reads about .1 ohm lower than my (cheap) resistance meter but consider that to be normal variance. A bigger issue is that when you fire the device as soon as you release the button the display immediately dims. And as the screen is dim even at full brightness you can barely read it when it is actually dimmed.
    The battery level will also drop noticeably when you fire the device when you get to a lower battery charge which can be confusing. Also the battery charge indicator doesn't give you any feedback when using USB charging. The iStick switching between the current level and the lightning symbol then charger (when on that is; it just shows the animated battery charge when off). The IPV mini just shows the lighting (when on or off) so to find out the charge you have to unplug it).

    Not much to say on this; it works and seems accurate to me.
    This device features two modes: PWM and DC-DC. COmparing the two I couldn't tell a difference but that was simply vaping one after the other so take that for what it is worth. I've generally used it in DC-DC mode. There is no perceivable delay in firing and on firing the screen goes to full brightness.
    One thing I noticed is that if you set it to too wattage that requires a voltage below 3V (it's limit) it still fires but seems to do so at 3V with no notification or warning given on the screen. I didn't test for what it does if you are over the voltage or amp limit to avoid too much rebuilding.

    Overall Overall I am happy with the device. The size is a little large for a mini but still fits in my pocket with the tanks I use. The software could be better but in general once you get used to it its just fine. Would I recommend this device? I'm really not sure at this point. It works pretty well but the software issues make me a bit hesitant.

    Well thats my two cents.
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    Thanks for posting this review nanokatz. I've been keen on getting one but might hold off for version 2, which will probably come out in mid February at the rate all the new mods are appearing

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    Yeah if they make the screen brighter and solve those interface issues I recommend it in a second, especially if they shrink the device a little.



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