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Thread: Sydney Vapor

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    Sydney Vapor

    Well, i am always on the search for that "One juice" or should i say juices. Tried MBV tried yeliq tried quite a few.

    Found a fella by the Name of John, seems he has a business called Sydney Vapor. I am always about buying local, the dollar is shit now, freight from OS is costing a ton, so in theory anything you buy OS is now almost moot for exchange rate

    Ordered and received, not a huge order but substantial.

    My first criteria when getting juice is to open the lid and just smell it, i am sure you have all done it. My theory is when you smell it and just wanna taste it because its that damn good, it cant be bad. Well that happened, opened a little 30ml bottle called Chocolate rum and raisin. The tones coming from the opened lid were not perfumed, were not crap in anyway. I could smell the subtle rum and raisin flavour. Could almost taste it to be truthful.

    I cut the mix, added my parts and mixed it with my macguyver electric stirrer. I sat and watched the beautiful mix swirl and twirl. When it was aerated like a latte i let it sit. But the problem was i couldn't just let it sit. Its aroma was enticing. Surely one little taste in the dripper wouldnt hurt, would it ?


    The subtle rum and raisin on the inhale with the chocolate towards the end. Just divine.

    I have not stopped since mixing it this afternoon, if the other bottle steeps over the next few days and it matures more i will be in heaven.

    Tonight i cut another bottle of After dark, irish cream with a spearmint exhale.......... I had a little sneak of that as well, more amazing.

    Do yourselves a massive favour, look into Premium E-juice – Sydney Vapor Premium E-Juice

    You will not be upset. The double french vanilla is staring at me now asking to be mixed. I must resist haha But not for long
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    I've also bought a couple of juices from there and love the double mint. The raspberry candy was nice but just not a flavour I enjoy. A friend of mine visited and that is his juice for when he comes around.
    I was curious about After Dark so it was great to read your thoughts on it. I will have to try it for sure now.
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