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    Smoketech WOW 5 Volt Kit.

    The WOW 5V Kit from Smoketech

    Hi all.
    I only had this kit for a little while so this review is first impression & about 3 day of use.
    The reason I bought this mod in the first place is because I wanted a high powered device that’s not as big as my Provari & Lava tube.
    I wanted something that can still give me the ability to use a dual coil tank but not as big as some.
    This kit seems to cover all the bases & the description on GGecigs is very accurate, it is a fog machine!
    What’s in the kit?
    1 x battery tube with Ego connector
    4 x IMR 16340 type batteries (two pairs)
    1 x 3.5 ml smoke tech dc tank kit (complete with carto & tip) 2.0 Ohm
    4 x spare tank cartomizers 2.0 ohm
    1 x trustfire battery charger with AU power cord
    1 x short custom cone (hides the threads when using the cone)
    1 x Zip bag that holds all the content with fully assembled tank installed on the wow
    1 x 2 Ohm ego 5 ml dual coil cartomizer
    5 x flat tip drip tips
    First Impressions:
    Great value for money, only $64.00
    So far using it for the last few days I am impressed!
    It produces large amounts of flavor that is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    The 2 ohm 5 ml looks really sleek on the mod & with a short drag you get a great throat hit & very large amount of vapor.
    The 3.5 ml tank looks very slim & with the short cone the whole setup is very sleek & streamlined.
    Vaping a dc 2.0 ohm tank at regulated 5 volts is absolutely great! Lots of vapor & flavor
    I had dual coil in various VV mods but most don’t come anywhere near the power this MOD put through the DC tank.

    Comparing to the Provari & lava its very light to hold & much smaller which is why i take it with me when going out.
    How long do the batteries last?
    Well I used it exclusively for two days & that’s what I got.
    I don’t measure battery life with Time because I think it’s more accurate to measure juice consumed.
    A pair of batteries lasted me 5 ml of juice before flashing & shutting down.
    In real time for my Vaping habit it lasted from 7am till 4:30 PM.
    I am a 7 to 8 ml a day.
    This mod does tick most boxes as a standalone high powered device or for those who like me are after a small yet powerful device to go out on the town without having to resort to low power devices.
    It is extremely simple to use & the kit provides you with a long Vaping time with the large cartomizer or the 3.5 ml tank.
    It has enough spares for a few months of usage.
    If I was to give it a general score I would say 9 out of 10.
    Even though I have 2 provaris, 2 lava kits, ggts & other mods this one is my favorite to use for about 80% of the day.
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    sweet....might need me one of these soon...maybe...very soon.....yes I can definitely see 1 of these in my future

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    Does it only comes in black...any other color?? Just a know.... Probably my New Years gift for me self(might do some chores so the missus will agree)....

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    from what i see in the website its only black



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