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    Ikenvape Atomizers

    Well I've spent just over a week with two of the Ikenvape atomizers now and am still only just collecting my thoughts about them. I selected an IKV 510 HV @ 3.5Ω and an io6 SR @ 2.5Ω

    One thing I can certainly say is that they are each the best atomizer in its class I've yet tried in my short time of vaping!

    The main characteristic of the Ikenvape attys in my opinion is good strong flavour, especially the io6 for the juices I've been vaping lately at any rate. They each seem to bring out a different range of a juice's flavour, so I can see that some will be better with the io6 and others with the 510. They each also demand a bit of a different draw technique, the io6 wants a shorter sharper draw while the 510 wants a longer easier pull. The io6 also seems to lend itself better to switching flavours, for those of us who can bear to do that without cleaning. I prefer to vape 11-12mg VG juice so the throat hit is spot on for me (nice and easy but there) unlike the X7 micromizers which give WAY more throat hit but not as good flavour (though still decent) and nowhere near as much vapour. Which brings up the other really notable feature of the Ikenvape attys; really excellent vapour production! Even with straight PG juice, but of course it really goes off with a good VG juice even though you perhaps might feel like cleaning it more often. There's just no use comparing to filler-type cartomizers at all, they are worlds apart but that fact only increases my interest in using SS mesh to make a kind of cart for them or perhaps a sleeve for the innards of a tank.

    I've massively enjoyed getting to try these and will definitely be buying spares in the very near future.

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    yes ikv's are my fav's as well. Interesting to see you liked the i06 SR as i was worried about buying them as the 306's are great at LR but shocking at SR. I was worried the i06's may be the same, glad to hear they are not.

    I would say the i06LR are my fav for flavour and vapour, and the best for 3.7v mods. I use the 3.5 ohm 510's because on my 5v's or vv's mods i get alot longer life out of them, compared to the i06's

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    I've got a 510 HV and a io6 HV both @ 3.5Ω on the way. Cheers for the review, looking forward to them very much



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