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Thread: Sigelei Mini 30W Box Mod

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    Sigelei Mini 30W Box Mod

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, awayÖ

    Ok, so this is pretty recent and WA may not be so far away, but I needed to start this off somehow. A bit of background on me and my setup so you can get my perspective and adjust my comments and thoughts to what will suit you.

    I have been vaping for about 18 months. My normal set up is a ProVari P3 (donít judge me) with either RTA/RBA or a Nautlilus for out and about.
    I also use a ProVari 2.5 and have a Mini iStick for those stealthy ninja times. The only box mod I have had before was an Innokin MVP v2.

    I am normally a VV king of guy, just used to it from my previous 2.5 and have not really played too much with VW, even though it is an option on the P3.
    I donít have any power meters or anything like that, so I wonít have numbers on battery voltage output or anything like that. This will just be from the POV of a Ďnormalí kind of vaper.

    I use a mix of pre made juice and doublers, and my strength is 6mg. Tried sub-ohming, but not a huge fan of the heat and harshness, so I normally wrap anything from 1.0 - 1.6 ohms. For me, that is usually around 4 - 4.2V, but I have been finding I go up a bit higher on this device. Not sure if that relates to its accuracy, or just my personal preference. Anyway, on with the show...

    Unboxing and General Stuff:

    I have taken some pics next to my other mods and with a couple of different tanks. I have also got a couple with a straight rule because when I started out, I found that working out the actual size of stuff was a bit of a pain because there was no reference point.

    It has all the normal stuff for a regulated mod these days, protection for low resistance, reverse battery and short circuit. It will fire resistance as low as 0.3ohms (allegedly, someone else can test this out). It takes a single 18650 battery and has a standard 510 thread. It also has a mech mode (DC-DC) in addition to PWM for those of you that want more (or less?) control.

    The device is in a very small box which is very economically packed. The box sits on top, with the silicone case on. The USB is tucked inside the battery recess, and the instruction manual and warranty card underneath the device. The instruction manual is not too bad, fairly basic, but good enough to get you started and the English is quite good.

    Five clicks will start up the unit where you are presented with a Sigelei splash screen before it changes to the standard display (more on this later). Fire, wattage up and wattage down are your only buttons which are chrome. A lack of touch interface, bluetooth and voice control is strange for a modern tech device, but all valid omissions by Sigelei in my humble opinion. It also will not play Candy Crush Saga or charge you micro-transactions to keep using it. Win!

    The UI is simple enough, you only have control over the wattage. Range is from 5W to 30W in 0.1 increments. When holding the up or down button, the scrolling speed increases so that you arenít there for three days to change from 5W to 30W. You can also set five memory stations at various power levels. A great little feature if you change your attys or power settings throughout the day.

    I try and have them set at 15w for my dripper (1.2ohm) and then 10w, 11w and 12w for my Nautilus (1.8ohm) and RTA (1.4ohm), depending on the juice that I am using. You can change and set these by using the up button once the unit has been in standby for a while, I have a habit of randomly changing the memory settings. Definitely user error, and I am pretty sure I will get the hang of it soon.

    Battery life seems longer that on my P3, not sure if the standby shuts power off more effectively, but I got a good day and a half with fairly heavy use on a LG HE4 2500mAh, a good half day longer than my P3. Could be that the P3 is pulsing to check for atty changes and to check IQ - guessing only, don't hold me to that.

    Power feels solid and constant and at where it should be for the voltage selected. There is no apparent delay in getting power to the coils. Dry burning the coils they heat up almost right away. I did not notice any drop in flavour or vapor on a low battery until it would not fire when the low battery warning appeared. According to the manual, 3.2V remaining.

    Grip and Feel Stuff:

    The finish is a solid matte paint, a semi-smooth finish but still a quite grippy.
    Chrome finish on both ends gives it a fancy look and all the joins are very smooth and well finished. The top chrome around the 510 is susceptible to markings from attaching and removing attys, probably the only downside I have found with this device. I have only had it a week, but there are a few marks there already. So far, no chips or scratches on the paint but mine spends its life in its case. The silicone case strangely feels a lot like a silicone case.

    Being a box, it doesn't sit in the hand as well as a tube, but it is small enough to be comfortable to hold and get your fingers around for a good grip (thatís what she said). The fire button sits in a good spot for either pointer finger or thumb, depending on which way around you hold it. Button has a good tactile click to it and has just the right amount of resistance. It doesnít stick out too much from the body, so pocket fires are unlikely and with the silicone skin on, it sits in flush.

    Without silicone sleeve, the edges near the battery cover are a bit sharper that the edges near the control buttons. If you fire using your pointer finger, the sharper edges are against your palm. This might be fine for tradies and people that high-five every chance they get, but for my soft office IT hands, it is much more comfortable to hold with the skin on.

    510 Stuff:

    I have been using it with Mini Nautilus, Mini Subtank, Russian 91% and various drippers. All sit down in the 510 connection with good support from the top face. There is the slightest overhang from the Subtank and the Russian, but not enough for it to catch on anything.

    The pin is spring loaded with a decent amount of play. I have had no issues with any attys not connecting or dodgy readings. I have only been using tanks with their own airflow control, but four airflow slots surround the pin for those that have tanks with the airflow down on the 510 connection.

    The spring loaded pin is good because it keeps the attys from loosening up, but it will grip a bit with some tanks. I have had a few close calls when taking off the Russian as I have nearly unscrewed the wrong thread and drained the tank a few times. Same goes for drippers. You may find yourself leaving the deck behind depending on the quality of your o-rings. The wider base on the Subtank and Nautilus are easier to grip and come off with no problem.

    Battery Stuff:

    The battery cover is held in place by four small magnets, which are strong enough to give it good hold, without being so strong that you live in constant fear of losing a finger if you are not careful. Three large vent holes are along the bottom of the cover, in case of unfortunate battery venting incidents. These remain exposed even with the skin on, as does the charge port.

    Both flat and button top 18650s fit in. I have tried with both AW (button) and LG (flat). The positive contact has a tiny bit of movement, but there is not a lot of room which can make them a bit fiddly to put them in,. Once I worked out to drop them in square instead of one end in first, it isnít too much of a hassle. There is a handy ribbon to wrap around the battery to make it easy to remove when it is time for a charge.

    Screen Stuff:

    The screen, when lit, shows wattage, resistance, voltage and has a battery indicator. It will also show warnings for Check Atomiser, Low Resistance and Check Battery when it finds a problem. There are two brightness settings (not set by user), brightest when the fire button is pressed, dull when it is resting after that long drag you just took in an attempt to dutch up your living room. The screen stays lit for around 60 seconds before going off. The display is sharp and easy to read, although a bit hard to see in direct sun, unless you click the fire button to brighten the screen.

    With the screen place under fire button, you need to move the device around in your hand to check settings and battery. Not a big drama if you set and forget, but I have a tendency to fiddle, and Iím used to the P3 where is it right in front of you.

    The resistance checker only seems to work when the fire button is pressed, so if you remove an atty, it will still show the old resistance until you press the fire button again. When firing, the battery indicator takes about a 50% hit, but then returns to normal when the fire button is released.

    Charging Stuff:

    I have been using a standard battery charger and rotating batteries, but I tested using the USB and it charged a flat battery in around the same time as my Nitecore i2. According to the instructions, it is not recommended to use the device while charging. The Micro USB charging port is on the bottom of the unit, but being a box mod, it sits on its side fine and wonít roll away or put pressure on the port and cable like some tubes can (Iím looking at you eVic). The cable sits in nice and snug and the port feels well connected and not likely to come loose inside the unit.
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    On the whole, I am a fan. Iím not going to fill the house will all the colours (all two of them), but it is a solid little performer that should suit most people in most situations.

    Instant power to coils
    Up to 30W
    Small and comfortable
    Spring loaded pin
    5 memory settings
    Included silicon skin

    Marking on top from changing tanks
    30W may not be enough for some

    Pocket friendly rating: 3/5
    Small and hardy, but being a box it gets caught in deeper pockets like my work pants. Perfect size for mobile phone pockets in backpacks.

    Tobh Atty

    Nautilus Mini


    TL;DNR Version:

    Is it good? Yes
    Recommend it to a mate? Yes
    Grab it while escaping from a fire? Of course, you always need a backup device!
    Will it be for sale on AVF in 2 months? No, this one is a keeper. Oh, hang on, what is that new and shiny...
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