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Thread: Four from Gemini Vapors - Juice Review.

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    Four from Gemini Vapors - Juice Review.

    After having one of their flavours recommended to me, I decided to put in an initial order for four flavours (each 15mL) form Gemini:
    Enter the Dragon, Koi, Octo and Adam&Eve. Note, all ordered at 0.6% and vaporised in the same device through the same tank with clean coils for each flavour.
    Ive been pretty impressed with Gemini Vapors, so much so with two particular flavours I have just reordered 40mL of each, and thought I would share this. They are what I would call a more "premium" juice range, given that the price is US$12.99 for 15mL, and US$20 for a 30mL. But in short - I think they are worth it - if your rich as an ADV, if not, as a treat. Anyway, here goes.

    Enter the Dragon - described as "Strawberry sweet peace with a fresh kick".
    A serious winner in my books - This is an amazing flavour, and possibly in the top 3 juices I have tasted so far. The strawberry and peach both really shine through, and it is both a mix of fresh fruit and candy flavour without being too sweet. I am not sure what the kick is that they describe, but its not menthol or koolada. It seems almost like a bit of citric acid that finishes the exhale. Both my fiancÚ and I loved this so much we just reordered a 30mL bottle each at 3mg and had to flip a coin on the remainder of the current bottle (I won, mwahahaha).
    A thick liquid, Im pegging at least 50/50, maybe even higher on the VG, and works really well at 0.5ohms @ 24watts in the sub tank. Massive vapour production. Highly recommended for all, even those who might not love fruity vapes. If I could order a litre without having to spend a whole pay check and make this an ADV, I probably would.

    Koi - described as "Tropical melon with a coconut exhale".
    Another great flavour, and another on the reorder. True to the description, it is simply a brilliant mix of melon and coconut. The melon is not chemically, and the coconut is actually stronger than I thought it would be, but is a definite taste of fresh coconut (not toasted or coconut essence if that makes sense). The more I have this, the more and more I like it. Added to this, it is the only flavour I have had so far from any company that actually changes flavour notes at different wattages. I can actually tailor this to express more melon, or more coconut.
    Also a thick liquid, probably 50/50 or more. Also recommended for anyone who likes a more complex tropical vape. Reordered at 3mg.

    Octo - describes as "Blueberry grape punch with a tart twist".
    I'll preface this by saying I am not a fan of any grape vape, none, not from any company I have tried so far. However, my partner loves them, she is a big fan of grape flavoured everything, and really liked this. My positive review is thus based on her and not me.
    Definitely a great taste of grape (like hubbabubba but not as artificial) and blueberry is in there, which gives it the tart finish, The blueberry is natural flavoured, and not too sweet. The exhale is tart, hard to put a finger on exactly what gives it this quality but it can provide a significant throat hit on the way out too, even at 0.6%. Probably won't reorder for the cost.
    As noted, for anyone that likes grape, this is likely to be something you will be a fan of.
    The thickest liquid out of the four tried.

    Adam & Eve - described as Sour green apple with a refreshing exhale.
    To me this tasted like a sour green warhead candy (remember those???) after the sour outside had disappeared. Nice apple flavour, but definitely a candy type with a slight lingering sourness. To make it more amusing, when I pumped up the wattage and the vapour got hot, we had a laugh that it was like a warhead which had sat on the dash of a car on a hot day and then eaten. All-in-all not my favourite flavour. I prefer a natural apple taste (like apple strudel from MBV, which is one of my everyday go-to' juices at the moment), so was not a big fan of this one. Will not reorder.
    About the same thickness as the Octo.

    There are two more Gemini flavours, but Im not big on cereal or banana vapes so didn't bother ordering them.
    I am yet to try the Grand Reserve Creme de la creme, given that it is even more expensive then the above and only comes out in "batches", which I think is a little douchey really (its e-liquid, not single malt whiskey....). However, if I can get some without going out of my way I will probably give it a go, solely based on how much I have liked the other flavours.

    I'll also add -postage costs were reasonable I thought at about $15, and came in about 2 weeks from ordering, which was pretty good considering its from the States. Also well packaged, and they threw in a sticker which was nice. Very well presented, bottles are really nice, and the postcard included gives a breakdown of each flavour. Very professional.

    One major con is that I cannot seem to find an actual PG/VG ratio from the company.... I don't mind PG at all personally and specifically order some flavours in 80PG, but for the VG purists, this may be an issue.

    I hope that at least one person finds this helpful. Cheers all
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    Ok, so given that no replies to this so far, there does not seem to be a lot of interest here but I thought I would add-

    After the above, I have ordered and now received some of the 00305 batch of 3mg Creme De La Creme, and it is amazing. I retract my comment about it being douchey. Of all the eliquids I have tried to date, this is the only one I would use the single-malt whiskey analogy for.

    Happy to write a further more detailed review if anyone would like.



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