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Thread: iStick 50w review

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    iStick 50w review

    Doing my first proper review. Received this item from for the purpose of review. im not going to bore you with laborious details you already know. but moreso how it reflects on how i vape and how it works for me. plus this device has been out for ages and almost if not everyone has had nothing but good things to say about it. first of all im going to break it down into 3 parts

    1. value for money
    2. how it fits into my vaping habits

    first a quick run down on specs and the site i received this from.

    Short circuit protection
    Automatic shutoff after ten seconds
    Low voltage protection
    Reads resistance down to 0.2 ohms!
    Up to 50 watts
    Voltage range 3.0v – 5.5v
    4400mAh capacity battery
    510 threading
    Spring loaded 510 connection
    Variable wattage
    Variable voltage
    Mini USB charging port
    -/+ buttons for adjusting wattage/voltage
    OLED display shows
    Vape timer
    Remaining battery life
    Atomizer Resistance
    Package Contents:

    1 x iStick 50W battery

    now the service. with a new china site opening up daily selling ecig components cheap its really hard to pick one. usually people stick to their guns and go with the ones with the longest track record of successful purchases. cvapor maintained constant communication, cant complain on customer service. they do lack in variety, but from what ive seen are updating constantly with new products. not promoting the site, its just how i usually choose where i buy from. the more variety a site has the more inclined i am to choose them again. if im after item A, i might go, hey i want a tank to go with that. and if that site doesnt have it, theyre usually off my list as to sites to return back to.

    postal service. for some reason, they chose to send this item through to me thru postnl. which means it goes to netherlands first before coming to me. it took approximately 3.5 weeks to get to me. which is ridiculous. their price of 51.66usd , translates to 66aud. some aussie sites are selling it for around that price. 60-75 is what ive seen. only reason people buy from sites such as cvapor etc are to sacrifice waiting time for a cheaper value. this is not cheap enough.

    anyway, back to topic.

    1. value for money, as time has gone on, you no longer have to pay top dollar for good equipment. you can truly get bang for your buck. only 6 months ago, for 50 bux, for me to get a 50 watt device was impossible. i had to purchase a dna 50 clone hana thingy which was ok.. but not good. now with more and more variety its easier to truly get a good deal. overall i feel the istick 50w is a no-brainer. it does what it says in the specs. and more importantly it does it consistently, too many times ive purchased 200-300 dollar devices and it just stopped working, or had malfunctions within a week or two. nothing more frustrating. i started buying cheaper mods just so i could go. hey this worked for a month, its dead now. ah well, bin it goes. but now to buy a cheap good product that lasts is amazing. this mods got amazing battery life. it lasted me 2.5 days from full charge and i still had some charge left over. the micro-usb charge was incredibly useful. charged at home, in car, at work. one thing though. it COULDVE been alot better if it went up to 60-70 watts. it came out literally just before the sub-ohm clearomizers went berserk on the market, so im guessing that has dipped the sales a bit cause people are now after more watts(again). if it had more power id have certainly been more interested in it.

    2. i needed a regulated box mod with mico-usb. it was either this or the ipvmini 2. so i got both, just to compare. i needed a setup for driving and for work. for comparison purposes i used a goblin rta. the istick 50 watt is tiny. incredibly tiny. but something about it feels too dainty for me personally. im never one to complain about small mods but this thing was half mod half atty. with the goblin on it it felt really top heavy. but wasnt too much of an issue. i ran it at 50watts, wish i had more power, but the battery life was good. solid device. just needed a bit more power. the ipv mini 2 gave the power i needed but with only one 18650 it was just not enough battery life. give us a istick70watt in the same package and im your man.otherwise it did its job well. as the battery life decreased volts decreased as well but not to an extent that was bothersome. its a pain in the ass that mine didnt come with a usb cable, but whatever. u get them everywhere.

    3. conclusion. would i buy this product again? probably not. if this product was out 8-9 months ago. yes, hell yeah. but my vaping habits requires more power, more battery life and simplicity. 9 months ago i probably wouldve liked it. there was a sea of 200-300 dollar high end, 40w 50w mods out there, and i couldnt afford them so i stuck to mech mods. maybe if it was out then id be happy with a clearo and an istick 50w. but this just isnt enough. i will give it this much. its a PERFECT device for a beginner going from an ego setup to wanting more power. its the best next step. its forgiving, its light, its small, its durable, its consistent, its reliable and its relatively cheap.and also an added note after going through the site again, from what i can tell they only sell authentic gear. no clones etc, so to those who dont want to support clones but like your authentic box mods and clearos, this site could be for you.
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    This doesn't make sense to me, if you want a more powerful device then why buy a 50watt and have a whine about how it should be more powerful. A review should be of the product not what you would like it to be or what you think it should be. This would be a great review if I was you but I can't really see it helping anyone.

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    I don't know the technical side of things but I found the Istick 50w more than enough power for the Kangor Subtank mini at .5 Ohms with a setting of 20W. You must blow massive clouds Bronco.
    Anyhow you did a good job for your first review mate.

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    True, it is your personal opinion after all but i think for a newbie starting to get into subohming, this will be a great device as it's relatively cheap for what it does and it does go to 50w so you can put a subohm tank on it and not worry about rebuilding but still get pretty good vapour density and flavour. But there is so many stuff on the market that cater to different people and what they want. I personally like a Sigelei 100w plus because i can put a nautilus or any RBA or RTA. But the Segelei and setting it up is going to cost a lot more.

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    does sigelei 100w have usb charging?

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    sorry i took way too long to reply, with the Sigelei you will need a nitecore charger and 2 samsung 18650 25r batteries.



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