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Thread: Kangertech K-Box 40w Review

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    Kangertech K-Box 40w Review

    Hi Vapers and Vapettes,

    Ben here, bringing you a bit of a personal milestone that Iím pretty chuffed about: My first incentivised review!

    2 weeks ago I was contacted via the forums by myvapedeal and asked if I would like to post a review of one of their products, to which I answered an emphatic yes, being someone who loves reviewing gear/juice/anything. Myvapedeal, a retailer based (I believe) in SE Asia, advised that they would be sending me a Kangertech K-Box 40w box mod, something that I have no experience with, but was keen to try out. After doing some research on the mod itself, I discovered that this would be my first mod to use a removable 18650 cell, so I found a couple at a local Battery World, along with a charger, and waited for vapemail to arriveÖ

    When it did come in, I noticed that the package was well padded, not over the top, but certainly not just stuffed in a paper envelope. Popped it open and the K-Box packaging revealed itself to be very professional and secure. Everything is snugly fitted and really does present well from a retail standpoint. Contents of the box included the mod itself, an instruction manual (en franÁais et anglais) and a little authenticity checking card, very simple and user friendly, however as someone who has relied on mods with onboard chargers, at least a battery would have been handy. I will say that I had some drama with the batteries, the ones I purchased must have been protected or something, and were slightly too long for the compartment, but I managed to snaffle one from a cousin, so crisis averted.

    Removing the K-Box from the packaging and I immediately noticed the mass of the mod, or rather lack of. The thing is extremely lightweight and the shaping is perfect for my size hand. The battery holder side of the mod is rounded, sitting snugly between thumb and index finger, with the firing button in an ideal position for your index/middle finger to hit without adjusting grip. This is a very important thing for me, Iím all about trigger-positioned firing buttons, they just seem to make sense (as opposed to side-fire like my MVP2). Firing button has a nice little click to it, you definitely know if you are firing, and it doesnít seem to stick or rattle at all.

    The finish is very nice, smooth and just about flawlessly done, everything is solid and there are no overhanging lips on the panel joints. The actual finish on the unit is like a brushed steel, which feels really nice on the hand, but can be a little slippery. You would need a very loose grip for it to actually slip out of your hand, but it is possible.

    Battery compartment is accessed via a screw cap on the bottom of the unit, which is functional, but squeaky, owing to it being made of a hard plastic, including the threading. It is tricky to actually get the threads to catch when the spring is under pressure from a battery cell, but once they do catch it glides in with a little bit of a squeak. One little aesthetically pleasing aspect is the Kangertech logo, which is cut into the battery compartment, so that when you have your blue/red/yellow/green battery inside, the logo becomes that colour. Not a huge point, but a plus for me 

    The 510 connector on top is spring loaded, and shows a nice flush connection with all of my atties (tested on a Nauti Mini, BVC Silo, Atlantis v1 and Kayfun v4). The wattage is adjustable, but not the way Iím used to, in that it has preset levels that you can select, but no micro-adjustments. There is one button on the front, with 2 rows of 7 tiny LEDs above it. When this button is pressed, the left set of lights will show battery power remaining (7 lights = fully charged, 1 light = almost empty). The second row has little indented numbers showing the wattage assigned to each preset. Pressing the button shifts the light up by one, through the wattage presets: 8w, 13w, 20w, 25w, 30w, 35w, 40w. Personally I both love and get frustrated by these incremental presets, particularly the lower ones, as my BVC atties tend to like a 15-16w level, which is just that little bit too far from either the 13 and 20w settings. Iíve mostly been using the K-Box for sub-ohming on my Atlantis, which is really nice at 35w.

    The actual performance of the device is great, as you would expect. Comfy, light, looks great, fits all the atties and battery life is what you would expect. Run it at 35w-40w and it chugs through the 18650. Run at lower wattages it lasts noticeably longer, but I havenít used any other 18650 mods to compare it to. It features a whole bunch of safety features, Reverse Battery Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Resistance Protection & Over-time use protection.

    Pros: Comfort and feel are fantastic, size is perfect for medium sized hands, button is in a great position and clicks well, good integration with atties, simple display, range of power and ability to sub-ohm.
    Cons: Slightly slippery, poor screw cap for battery compartment, no screen (maybe a pro for some), preset wattage adjustments may not suit some, no on-board charger (personal preference), doesnít sit perfectly upright due to screw cap protruding slightly.

    I really enjoy this mod and definitely thank the guys at MyVapeDeal for sending it through for review. They are retailing the product for $28.70 with free shipping at: Authentic KangerTech KBOX 8-40W VW Variable Wattage APV Box Mod - Mod

    Bottom Line, would I buy it if it wasnít sent for free? For the price, it would go into contention, but Iím an on-board charger kind of guy and I get easily drawn in by fancy LCD screens, so Iíd probably go for something with both. DNA boxes are 9x the price, but obviously have more features. I think if I had $29 to spend and wanted to sub ohm (bear in mind I sub at 35-40w), Iíd buy this. If I could stump up the extra $10-$15, Iíd re-buy my iStick 50w and probably be a bit happier, despite preferring the design and fire button of the KBox. A 50w box, designed like the KBox, with an inbuilt battery and charger, LCD screen with micro adjustments would be boss!

    Hope this sheds some light on the product, and anyone in WA that needs to borrow a mod or wants to test before buying one can always contact me.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with MyVapeDeal and am receiving no monetary incentive to write a positive review, however I will fully disclose that they did send the mod to me for free for the purposes of review. I have done my best to keep this review free from bias (apart from my pro-iStick bias of course) and have highlighted the positives and negatives as I see them.

    Thanks all,
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    Peace, YNWA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol y Sombra;682582Battery compartment is accessed via a screw cap on the bottom of the unit, which is functional, but squeaky, [B
    owing to it being made of a hard plastic, including the threading.[/B] It is tricky to actually get the threads to catch when the spring is under pressure from a battery cell, but once they do catch it glides in with a little bit of a squeak.
    It is not plastic.
    I believe it is coated(externally) Stainless Steel (the actual cap) & the body is Anodised Aluminium, so you have SS screwing into Alum.

    Put a drop of PG on the threads, with no battery installed, then work the threads while pressing downwards on the cap, this will remove a lot of burs & grit that is lodged in the threads.
    Clean the threads out with a tissue, you will notice a lot of blackened crud & then repeat, the tissue will look cleaner this time.
    Finally add a drop of PG to the threads or conductive grease would be better & they will be much less squeaky when you have the battery installed.
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    Strange they singled out someone thats still very new to vaping to do a review. Maybe they like the way you write or something

    I mean no offence Ben but if I'm being honest, I personally prefer to read reviews from someone that has actually been around
    the block a few times and has used a lot of the other hardware that is out there.

    I guess from a 'whats in the box' point of view this is fine but not when talking about performance.
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    I have had the Kbox for 3 mths now and have put it aside. The screw cap is definitely a PITA to get on, and you could find yrself with stripped threads in no time.

    I ran the mod at no more than 25W and the battery life is frustrating, drops very quicky after a few hrs of normal vaping. The finish id nice when new, but very quickly and easily scratches, though I am not too fussed about it, a good mod that has been used a lot will eventually get scratched, especially when you use it like I do.

    Aside from battery life, finish and end cap, the mod does feel good and also does the job for the price range it is in.
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    Makes a decent paper weight..
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    Subbox mini or nano is light years better.



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