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    JIB Wii (sorry but it had to be done :) )

    OK, I got my super duper pink JIB wii in the mail today. And you're going to laugh, but I think this may well become one of my two favourite mods. The whole screen thing is just brilliant, but the best thing is just how comfortable it is to hold. Now I realise that not many people would want to be seen vaping on such a big honking device (I personally don't give a toss, and plan to take it to work tomorrow lol) but it has to be the most comfortable mod I have come across so far.

    So although I bought this for a bit of a laugh, I think I'm going to find myself vaping on it more often than expected. The fact that it performs brilliantly is no surprise as it is, after all, a JIB.

    Viva la Wii

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    Is Ingrid the only one who thinks my penis looks slightly vaginal?

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    got any pics?

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    Video or it didn't happen

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    Video or it definitely didn't happen



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