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Thread: YouDe Zephyrus Tank Review

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    YouDe Zephyrus Tank Review

    Thanks to Best Vapor & Electronic Cigarette Deals - & Zarya, our GearBest representative, who sent me the Zephyrus free to review, today I have a great YouDe RTA/Clearomiser tank to write about.

    The Zephyrus is a hybrid RTA/Clearomiser subohm tank, with top filling, loads of airflow & holds 5mls of eliquid.
    Coming out on the backs of the Goblin & Goliath tanks, also made by UD, I was excited to try this new Zephyrus, which added the features of replaceable coils & easy Top Filling.
    The Goblin was a "simple" RTA, with a bottom fill screw, which performed quite well but had some drawbacks.
    The Goliath was an improvement over the Goblin & featured juice flow control. It did away with the bottom fill screw, instead it was designed to be filled by turning the tank upside down & unscrewing the tank from the base, it could also be top filled but it was not easy to do & could see you spilling a fair amount of juice if you got it wrong.
    Top Filling is preferable to how either of the methods those 2 tanks were designed to be filled, this is one of the main reasons I was excited to try out the Zephyrus.


    The Zephyrus comes in a plastic case, like many other devices seem to be coming out in recently from China.
    I like these plastic cases better than the old cardboard box packages, something about them seems to hint at quality.
    It also has a scratch & reveal Authenticity sticker on one end of the case.

    YouDe has placed all the goodies inside into a foam rubber block, as you can see in the pictures above.
    There is nothing hidden under this block, so removing all the items inside is quite easy, however they have also included 1 spare screw, so be sure to take the items out carefully so as to not lose it.

    As well as the spare screw there is a spare pyrex glass tank section, 2 sets of spare tank seals, 1 red & 1 blue set, the RBA head, Drip Tip & Drip Tip cooling fins adapter, a spare o-ring for the AFC ring, a spare o-ring for the DT or DT adapter & of course the tank itself.
    The pre-built 0.3 ohm coil is pre-installed in the tank.
    Sorry for those of you wanting to expand your Magic Blue Screwdriver collection, there is no included screwdriver. I Mention this because I know it may be a deal breaker for some vapers


    The pre-built coils used in the Zephyrus are rather unique & are larger than most other replaceable coil heads.
    They use Kanthal & Organic Cotton like many other types of coil heads but they also have ceramic inside the SS of the head, I tried to show this in the pics below but it is still not that easy to see.
    Air flows up through the ceramic tunnel & passes over the coils.
    The design means that any chance of gurgling or flooding is greatly reduced & during my testing I only had the coil leak once, which was my own fault & not the fault of the coil or the tank. Basically, I shouldn't have been dry hitting the Zephyrus & I was.

    The RTA head screws into the tank exactly the same way the pre-built heads do.
    The RTA deck has quad air holes, this provides more air flow than many other RTAs.
    It is not a deck for beginners to RBAs, I feel but it is not overly difficult to build on either.
    Experienced RBA users should have no trouble building on this deck, by contrast the Goblin deck was a pain to build on, the Zephyrus deck seems to have more room, thus making it easier to build on.

    Top Filling:

    Before I mention the method here, I need to address the issue of taking the tank apart for the first time.
    Out of the box, the tank is extremely hard to get apart, it would be easy to cut your hands trying to force the tank open & I know of at least 1 person who did just that.
    What I did was put the tank into the freezer for a few minutes & then used a rag on either end to get the tank open, it was still tight but it did the trick. Rubber gloves may also work for getting the tank apart the first time, whatever method you use, just be careful.

    To fill you simply screw off the top cap, revealing the silicone bung below, remove that & you can see 2 circular cut outs, fill into one of those & allow air to escape out the other.
    What I have also been doing is closing off the AFC before taking out the bung, this may not be entirely necessary but I feel that it further reduces risk of leaks when filling.
    I have not experienced any leaks when filling, using either the pre-build or RBA heads.
    I normally would not remove the tank from my mod for filling but I did so in the pictures to make it easier to get the shot.

    The Zephyrus in use:

    If you didn't pick up on it in my opening paragraph, I really, really like this tank, it is a solid performer.
    On top of that, it has top filling, which isn't quite as easy as the top filling on the Lemo II but it is still easy & perhaps looks a little better aesthetically by not having the fill slot visible when closed.
    Both the RBA head & pre-built coils give a great vape, picking the difference between them is not an easy task, the vape quality is near identical.
    My preference is for the RBA head though, simply because it is able to be tailored to my preferred ohm range & build.

    It easily eclipses the Goblin for performance & customisability, having more room on the deck than the Goblin does.
    Speaking of customising, the black glass tank seen in the pictures is my own add on. I had a spare Subtank mini glass sitting around & noticed that it would fit the Zephyrus, I really like the look of it with the black Sigelei 100w plus mod, with the black tank.

    Does it beat the Goliath? Performance wise no but for ease of use yes, however the Goliath is not readily available, the Zephyrus is. The difference in performance is minimal also, the main difference I find is that the vapor from the Goliath seems to be "wetter", the vapor from the Zephyrus is a bit dry feeling but otherwise, flavor, fog production, I would put them on par.


    If you are in the market for a new subohm tank, I can highly recommend the Zephyrus.
    Since getting it, unless I'm testing, it is the device I go to probably 90% of the time.

    The one con I have with it, is very minor but relates to all tanks with the same type of AFC.
    Since there is no "cup" below the AFC & it slides off to reveal the air holes, there is a thin gap between the AFC & the tank base, this allows seepage from condensation to get onto your mod.
    I'd prefer it if tank designs added 2 or 3 mm to include a "cup" to catch that condensation & prevent it from sitting between my mod & tank.
    Like I said it is very minor & the amount of liquid is very minimal too but it is annoying & something I think could be avoided.
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    Lovely review as always Noe
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