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Thread: Aromamizer RDTA vs Goliath 2: Where did my juice go

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    Aromamizer RDTA vs Goliath 2: Where did my juice go

    I spent part of last week and a cloud-filled weekend with both of these tanks. What follows is my experience after putting around six tanks through each. It was way too easy to go through twelve tanks' worth of juice. This was all done with the same juice mixed at ~75% VG. I was mainly focused on finding an at-home tank that let me get closer to dripping without actually dripping.

    TL;DR Version: If you want performance, get the Aromamizer. If you want looks get the Goliath 2.

    Aromamizer RDTA

    This was purchased direct from Steam Crave, but now both Steam and Vapoureyes carry them locally so I pretty much paid ~$15 for nothing. I got the 6ml version, though there's a 3ml available if you like refilling constantly.


    The included (wobbly) drip tip is designed to prevent spitback, but after two tanks I stuck a cheapie Delrin POM tip like I use for everything else. It's too wide to be a 22mm atty, which is likely why that measurement isn't on their specs. The whole thing is solid without being too heavy. There's an adjustable 510 but it came from the factory set at more or less the perfect depth.

    The juice intake is done via holes in the build deck. In theory this is a lot like traditional tank setups - juice seeps down from the tank into holes which feed into the chamber. In practice it's way better, since your juice channels essentially don't exist and the "pool" that they come from is big. The end result is you're not so much sucking juice up a channel and more just having your wicks in a constant pool of juice. If you try to do the old Kayfun cover-the-air-and-suck method you'll flood the deck because there's nothing stopping it feeding.

    The main point of contention is the vapeband air control. This was a bad idea to begin with, but they needed to save width on their already huge atty and it mostly works. The bigger question, to me, is why you would ever put two additional holes in there facing the negative posts. Even if you were building quads you wouldn't put them there. The existing air holes that actually do hit the coils are more than sufficient for anything you could fit in there. You also cannot shut these off as the vapebands have all four holes open. The first thing everyone does, including me, is tape over the two useless holes so you get normal airflow to your coils. It's totally fixable, but why?

    You separate the base to refill, which allows people to fiddle with the deck without draining the tank. Here I think Steam Crave thought they were doing a cool thing - to fill you pour into a channel with multiple holes going all the way around the deck. You don't need to worry about juice left over because those fill holes are also how juice gets back down, so it's all where it's supposed to be. You can even fill with a dropper by squeezing juice into the channel. My problem with this is that you either need to fill the channel and let it drain (slow) or have one of the really tiny plastic needle tips to get it into a hole. I figured out I can jam my current bottles (the old style 60ml ones from VE, for reference) up against the hole and it'll mostly work. It's another thing about this atty that was a really good idea let down by sub-par execution.


    Images cannot show you how tiny the deck is. It's using a three-post design in a slightly-bigger-than-Kayfun deck. Since you absolutely have to get your coils dead center to get airflow you're going to spend a lot of time yanking coils over. I managed to get my normal 3mm 26g coils in there without shorting, but they were so painfully packed in that I chickened out and went for 9-wrap 2.5mm 26g. It ended up at .33, which was close enough to where I wanted to hit.

    Wicking is trivial. You wick it like a dripper with a bit more cotton on each end to make sure it covers the juice intakes in the deck.

    My only complaint here is that they took a cramped deck with a mandated perfect center post build requirement and made it three posts. You lose out on the ability to do big coils, a giant center-mounted single vertical coil or anything else trickier than fairly basic duals. They seem to have realized that bad idea and are supposedly releasing a Velocity-styled deck replacement mid-August, but again if it was that obvious why would you even do it in the first place?

    Vaping and performance

    The flavor is decent. The vapor production is great thanks to the ample airflow. It has a problem a lot of tanks (including the Lemo) with massive airflow do on a completely full tank - it doesn't quite seem to like feeding juice initially. I'm pretty used to this so I never completely fill, but it's something to note given the tank's otherwise stellar juice flow. Other than that I'm getting no dry hits at 50 watts and no flooding.

    Goliath 2

    I purchased this locally from Vapoureyes. As far as I know they're the only ones doing it locally at present.


    A complaint I heard echoed for the original Goliath was that it looked bad. They clearly listened as this is a straight, clean 22mm atty. Nothing sticks out. It has a non-adjustable 510 that sticks out just enough to be in the right spot. There are two wide air slots on the base. It's a standard two-post deck. The 5ml tank is positioned with the bulk about the fat part of the one-piece chimney to give a better indication of your current lack of juice. That's pretty much the end of the positives...

    Most of why I don't like the Goliath 2 is because of the functionality sacrificed for looks and disposable coils. The afc is on the very bottom, making it a pain to use on a box mod where you can't grip the tiny, tight ring all the way around. It has juice flow control, which you'll always want open for filling or vaping and never want off. The juice flow control is on top of the airflow, so adjusting one leads to twisting the other. The price of that sleek design means you do a lot of fiddling with twisting stuff around when they could have just removed the juice control and made the afc ring usable.

    Refilling is for gamblers. They wanted to make it take some (hilariously large) disposable coil heads, so the RTA section threads on to the base. The RTA section then threads on to the chimney. The chimney then threads on to the top cap. When you're trying to unscrew the base with the incredibly tight o-ring to refill you will first close off your air and juice all the way and then if you're strong or have rubber gloves the base will start turning. At this point you have three possible outcomes:

    1) The base and deck come out. You win!
    2) The base comes off, the deck is halfway unscrewed and you need to remove it and screw it back into the base. You don't win and you get to wash your hands.
    3) The chimney unthreads and you do the opposite of winning.

    These are the only threads in the tank. Once you do get the base and deck out and have re-opened the juice control, there are two wide but very thin feed holes. They get backed up easily, which leads to pooling around the edge. You wind up tilting it (sending juice into the chimney) to coax the air out of the unused hole to get things flowing again. The intakes are really thin and you'd need an exceptionally small needle tip to get it in there.

    Bonus points: when I first was looking at the tank I popped out the included drip tip. I couldn't get it back in because the o-rings on the drip tip flopped right out. They should have had the guy designing the rest of the brutally tight rings in this tank take a look at the drip tip.


    This takes 3mm 26g 7-wrap duals just fine. My first build went in easy at a solid .3 without any fuss. You do need to push your coils up and into the center a little more than you might be used to, but it's not painful by any means.

    Wicking isn't hard, but it's different from Kayfun-style decks. You want the wicks shoved into the larger portion of the juice channel. It's deceptive because despite having huge channels that you want to fill instead of avoid, you generally use shorter lengths of cotton for each coil than you'd use for a Kayfun/Lemo/etc.

    Vaping and performance

    Flavor is good due to the smaller chamber. I did have a few hits where I thought I was about to go dry, so I gave it a quick primer and that cleared up. The vapor production is ok but not great. All vaping was done at 50 watts.


    Two tanks, both ~.3 at 50 watts, is not something you want on your desk when you're at the computer for many hours. You'll chain vape like crazy and tanks vanish before your eyes. They were both pleasant enough to vape that I just kept going without any of the natural pause caused by needing to re-drip. Purely in terms of vaping they are both decent and excel at different things.

    The Aromamizer RDTA was a product with a ton of great ideas brought down by poor execution. It's a device where every good thing you can say about it has a qualifier attached. The Velocity style deck with two posts and a two-hole vapeband would go a long way towards making this a dripper with a tank instead of a tank built kind of like a dripper. I'll keep using it because even with the issues it has it's a great at-home tank.

    The Goliath 2 is a very pretty tank with a hefty cost in usage. Some knurling on the afc, making it slightly wider so the base threads into the juice control instead of the the deck threading on to the chimney, scrapping the juice control and even making it top fill would all go a long way towards making it a slightly uglier but much better tank. I'll probably keep it around for juice that I don't vape all day or until it frustrates itself into the trash.
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    Which one you like better?
    I reckon goliath v2 have a better flavor.

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    Nice write up Mailer..
    I don't have the Goliath but seriously loving my Aromizer. I'm runnig mine on a 0.2 ohm 24gauge kanthal build at 80 watts and not a dry hit to be be found.
    Chews batteries and juice though.

    Agree the vape band is a PITA, and i haven't done this yet, but was thinking of making two extra holes in the vape band opposite each other to allow blocking off two air holes at a time.
    I'll try it with the spare and see how i go.

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    A bit of an update to this. My Goliath is cleaned and sitting in the closet with the other stuff I don't use so I won't talk about that beyond the fact that I discovered you could close off the air intakes and still suck a nice amount of air in.

    I'd been through a few hundred ml through my taped-up Aromamizer because it vaped great. It's wonky and fiddly but that really stops mattering when it's done and built. Steamcrave finally figured out that I'd preordered the velocity-style deck and 2-hole vape bands from them and sent them out about three weeks after they should have. I finally got mine this week. True to form the world decided to laugh at me and VE has the decks now.

    The 2-hole bands work as you'd imagine. It's pretty much like taping up the holes with the original. I'd imagine as time wore on you'd have to go back to taping them but brand new it works just like it should have originally.

    The velocity-style deck finally let me shove 3mm coils in this thing. Running my usual 8-wrap 26g build (.4 on drippers, .37 here) it's putting out a bit more flavor than previously. Unfortunately the way they were engineered means the coils aren't centered with the air holes. This is really strange since the stock 3-post deck somehow centered perfectly. So you have a choice between a deck with centered holes that's nearly impossible to center or a deck that's easy to center with offset holes. It's really strange.

    If you have the option you should still go for the velocity deck. It's much easier to build on and since your airflow will always be off you might as well opt for the easier option with bigger coils.
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    I missed this review. Great in depth look at them both.
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    I ordered the Velocity style deck from Stream Crave a week ago and now see VE has them in stock for the same price in AUD i hate feeling like a got burnt

    Also grabbed some two hole vape bans keen to see if they make a difference.

    Thanks for the update Mailer i like hearing about how others are going with the RDTA.



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