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    Vape King's Tobacco Classique Doubler.

    Hey guys,

    Sorry, a bit of spam on my behalf, getting a couple of videos out before I go on holidays for a couple of weeks.

    This one might cause a couple of ripples, but I'm open to criticisms.

    You guys have no idea how much I appreciate your support and comments. Thanks heaps!!


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    Hey Benno
    I really liked this juice, go figure :-)

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    I like it too! Great for adding to some other juices that tend to be a little lacking for a pick me up as well.
    Cheers.... Pete.

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    i kinda equate this to PA's tobacco absolute flavouring, I like it, although use it more as a base flavour or add it to juices that are a bit sweet, Just missing a tad to be a all day vape for me.

    When I first tried it I thought it was a cross between halo torque and tobacco absolute flavour, but not sure if it was the flavours that were already in my atty or not, but over time it really became very close to a straight tobacco absolute type flavour and not really halo at all.

    Its certainly not for those that like sweet tobacco's, but I like it, but it will be mostly used as a base for other flavours to add a bit of this or that too as opposed to a all day vape on its own for me.

    Anyway good to see you can do a review of a juice you dont totally love benno lol
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