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    GH1 juice..... "experience"

    So I placed an order with GH1 for:

    - 120ml of 100% unflavoured VG 60mg
    - 60ml RY4 18mg
    - 10ml Vanilla 18mg

    Unflavoured nicotine

    Nice pale colour.
    No odour.
    No flavour to speak of.
    It came in 4x30ml bottles in individual zip lock bags.
    I have vaped it straight and mixed it with JW doublers and had great results.

    Overall - 9/10

    Flavoured juice

    In contrast to the unflavoured nic which was fantastic, I have had very different results with the flavoured juice.

    I looked around for ages at RY4 reviews, price and taste, GH1 was getting very good reviews. This is why I originally placed the order with them. The 60ml of RY4 came in 2x30ml bottles. One was a very dark golden colour and the other was a light golden colour. Same juice apparently?!

    I dripped the darker juice into a 306LR and gave it a taste. I instantly started choking and it was the harshest hit I can imagine. I tried it in a carto in case it was the atty and got the same result. Uncontrollable coughing and I couldn't bring myself to have another hit.

    I have cut the bad RY4 50/50 with pure VG and let it steep for a week. It is still noticeably darker than the other original bottle and still has the same attack on my throat. I am not game to keep trying it as it could be any nic level as far as I know. Tim has offered to replace the bottles if I order again. I don't think I am willing to take the chance the more I think about it.

    I tried the lighter one and it seemed fine. The only flavour I got from it is pure ripened banana.
    The "good" bottle tastes like what I imagine AVE Gorilla Juice would taste like. Banana Tobacco.
    I quite like the banana tobacco RY4 but won't be ordering again unfortunately.

    The Vanilla 18mg is strange. It is a very dark red colour which I thought was weird for a Vanilla?!

    This juice has absolutely no flavour! I let it steep for a week and tried again.
    Nothing at all, like unflavoured nic, so I can't really rate properly.

    First bottle is Good RY4 as ordered, only half left
    Second bottle is Bad RY4 watered down 50% with pure VG (still darker)
    Third bottle is 18mg Vanilla

    Good RY4 - 7/10
    Bad RY4 - 0/10
    Vanilla - 0/10

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    It sure makes it hard to rate juice vendors with inconsistency like that.
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    Very inconsistent for starters my flavored NIC always had the Gh1 labels but the unflavored were clear bOttles . I also has some ry4 gh1 wasn't that great at all. also there energy drink was good but is now terrible
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    My RY4 from MV smells like soy sauce
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    I got 4 bottles of RY4 from there recently, I have already open and mixed one with some other flavours as I wasn't too keen on the flavour from the start. Just checked the 3 unopened bottles, all 3 are different shades starting from a little darker than the one you have marked as the bad one up to slightly lighter than the half empty bottle.

    EDIT: Also buy all my unflavoured nic from GH1 and never had a problem with any of it, always nice and clear with no chemical flavour or odour, also never had any delivery problems from them either.
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    I really liked GH1 Ry4. I have never had any problems with them, except for latest order is taking ages, and ordered will before CNY. My Ry4 looked more like the lighter coloured bottle you have. Have tried their vanilla too and did not like it at all.

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    I've had varied experiences too.

    Sometimes the 60mg pg is clear and sometimes yellowish. I prefer the clear stuff.

    Green apple is sometimes green and sometimes yellow. The green one is much nicer.

    Not sure whats going on their but Im thinking of getting my straight nic elsewhere.

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    Have ordered about 500ml all up of 36mg-48mg Pg and Vg unflavoured from GH1 and have been very happy with it.

    Also ordered vanilla, chocolate, caramel and coffee in 24mg and its all very tasteless got a free RY4 sample in the order and it was by far the best of the bunch.

    Stick to unflavoured and get some mixers.

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    ive bought half a dozen flavours from gh mostly fruits and all were tasteless . their 100mg nic is good but one of the most expensive. i dont order anything from them anymore.



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