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Thread: Heatvape Invader Mini 50w

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    Heatvape Invader Mini 50w

    I didn't really need a new mod. My Sigelei VW (Zmax or whatever) device was doing the job fine and battery life was more than adequate. The only complaint was that it didn't regulate battery output well once it dropped below 50% charge and made the vape quite disappointing.

    However, sometimes my consumerist tendencies get the better of me and I just wanted a new mod. I bought an IPA box-style mod while I was in the states earlier in the year and the form factor was much more comfortable than a tube for me. Unfortunately I stripped the battery cap thread as the mod didn't really like larger 18650s and I forced it. Yes I'm hard on my gear. I drop my mod regularly. I carry it in the pocket of my bike jacket and had a mod go on the fritz last year after getting caught in a VERY light shower (very disappointing as it was supposedly a reasonably premium regulated mod). I'm also in a reasonably exclusive Provari destroyer's club.

    So when I saw the Invader I knew it was what I was looking for. The vendor's description mentioned water proofing, resistance to vehicular crushing and definite axe-blow vulnerability. I considered this within my specific needs: I may get my gear wet and drop it down stairs or from varying heights onto bare concrete but I'm not usually in the habit of willfully attacking it with gardening implements!

    The Invader appears to be of quality construction considering the price point. The textured silicon outer case provides great grip without requiring an aftermarket moulded case accessory. The 510 connection is threaded for removal which means another serviceable part should you snap off a tank or some other mishap occur. This can be slightly annoying if your tank is screwed on tight but its a minor issue, easy enough to get around, unless, I assume, the thread is completely locked. Both this part and the battery cap appear to be of a high quality material.

    Physical functionality is generally excellent. I've not had any problem getting a connection with any tank/carto I've attached so far. The button system is easy enough to use but due to all the ribbing on the Silicon (obviously "for her pleasure" XD) sometimes if you are not looking you can fail to actually press the fire button and be momentarily disappointed. Once again a minor thing, PEBKAC issue and will abate with time.

    The electronic interface is rudimentary compared with some mods. That said, it does what it needs to do: Allows power adjustment, locks the power setting, locks the fire button, turns off the OLED screen, allows temperature control settings and (in a move I'm unsure as to the source of motivation from the manufacturer) allows the screen orientation to be flipped. Easily functional and straight forward once you learn the button combos. The claims in the manual regarding the time to hold buttons for results in this regard may be slightly optimistic, but you get where you are trying to go (if a few seconds later than you first expect)

    I haven't tried the temperature control mode as of yet as I'm yet to try subohm vaping. I'm sure it does what it is meant to do. Will probably report back after I get my hands on a Subtank. I've not had it above 20W so I have no idea how it goes flat out.

    Battery life seems to be less than my previous mod but I'm still getting a day out of an 18650 at least.

    Other features include the ability to verify authenticity on the manufacturer website using serial number and a PCB temperature cutoff to protect the mods from all you cloud junkies.

    Overall I am very happy with my choice. The mod has heft which I'm sure won't be great for my toes in the future but is reassuring to me and may come in handy in a home invasion or mugging. I'm already integrating it into my OODA loop

    $79.95 from a local vendor.

    (Written as personal opinion without any material or financial gain from any source. No kittens were killed in the making of this review. I may have swatted a mozzie...)
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    Unfortunately in the rapid fire consumer mod market that is vaping these days , a lot of mods get quickly forgotten about
    I dont have a Heatvape , but I have used one , and this is a good little mod that shouldnt be forgotten .. cheap , works pretty good and is a tuffy !
    I reckon they would make a good beater mod for a lot of the rougher workplaces myself
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    I have one
    And it's a good beater

    Round Robin in wattage settings
    Top Cap system, (everything fits)
    1 to 50 watts, (step down)
    Temp settings solid
    No PWM

    A little heavy
    Drops out of Standard into Temp occasionally, (a low battery thing)
    Top Cap can stick to Atty
    Limit of up to 2 Ohms
    Doesn't always remember settings, (a low battery thing)
    Look like a Transformer

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